Deadly Underground (Murder On Platforms)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a fiction story of crime on the New York City subways.

Submitted: April 23, 2012

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Submitted: April 23, 2012



As the New York City Transit Police were out on patrol a possible homicide report came over the radio on the Queens line on Cypress Hills station.The transit police Detectives investigated the incident, and found a woman to be off middle age, shot in the head from a small caliber rifle.After a investigation the Detectives found out that she was a working parent, and had no criminal record! The case remained under investigation because of no witnesses, and the fact that the post cop never heard a shot fired, from the mezzanine area where he was on duty, near the token booth.One week later another woman was found shot to death on the platform on the same line but at a different station.This time it was on 160th.Street on the BMT line.Same MO (method of operation) female middle aged and a working mother. This time there was a witness but he said he heard nothing, and saw no one.The witness said that the woman just fell and he reported it the railroad clerk.This time it was early morning, and there was no officer on that post.


The transit Detectives took every precaution, and put signs out all over the system telling people to be aware of a mystery killer.The newspapers, and the TV put out warnings also.there were no descriptions, and the police had no clues or evidence at all. The police roll call at District 22-A, alerted all transit police officers to watch all platforms and to stay near all passengers when they were waiting for their train.This was done on the new 8p's program where there was a cop on every station, and train.Weeks went by with no reports of anyone being shot at, but it still remained a mystery, because it seemed like the perpetrator, liked to kill woman of a certain age! Then one night about 5 AM a passenger reported a woman lying on the platform, and reported it to the token clerk. Again a woman in her late thirties, and a working mother shot with the same caliber rifle.The transit police officers had finished their shifts at 4AM.Now the transit police knew this was a serial killer who was targeting middle age working woman.Within the next few months more than a dozen women with the same MO were murdered.The Mayor was furious because it was election time, and the transit police always came thru for him.


The people were throwing rocks at the police, and riots were breaking out all over the City! There were no clues where the shots were coming from, except that they believed it was no more then thirty feet from the platform.They knew it was the same person, and always on the same line but at different stations,The police combed the neighborhoods and asked if anyone saw or heard anything but always came up short.The Chief was really pissed and called for calm asking the people for prayers instead of riots! The Chief told the people to please pray for a lead in this terrible crime because we have exhausted all our officers, and informers, and all our manpower to try, and solve this case.This was worse then the "Son Of Sam",but the transit police were determined to solve the case no matter what.They suspected it was someone living in the area because it was always on the same line.The police knew the shots were not coming from the homes near the stations, because it was to far a shot, and ballistics show it at a fairly close range.The transit authority always had a money train come through that area that had transit police security inside that train.The money train would always go slow, and was on the middle track no more then 30 feet from the platforms.One day as a transit cop was resting in the early morning hours while working the money train he happened to see a transit employee looking out the train window bent over in a low position.It seemed like he was looking out the window but did want to be seen.The transit police officer crawled on his hands, and knees, and with amazement sees this employee raise a rifle, and point it out the window!


The officer told the man to drop the weapon but the man turned the weapon on the officer andthe officer shot first, and killed the man with three shots.After the officer checked the mans rifle he noticed it had a silencer on it,so that is why no one every heard the shots.The man was employed by the transit authority for 12 years, and had no criminal record.There was no motive for now but the transit police detectives interviewed the man's family. The Aunt of the shooter said that the man's father was fired from his job when the man was a young boy.A woman employee who was his fathers boss fired him,and his father committed suicide because he could no longer support his family.Then two years later the boys mom died from a broken heart.The boy never got over it and hated middle aged management working women.After the investigation was complete it was proved that he stalked every women before killing them,to see if they worked in management.Well the case was solved and the City was put at rest. A transit cop was alert that day, and did the job he was sworn to do"Protect, and Serve" The End.


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