Deadly Underground Part1 And Part 2

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This is a short story series of fiction about the New York City Transit Police Departments "Morta Unit". The Morta Unit is a specialized unit in the transit police department that kills the bad guys! It is a secret part of the police department, and it must be held sacred!It will take you through a humorous side of the Police Department, from it's police force to it's gangster side. Each chapter will have you asking for more. Word explinations are as follows Mopes(bad guys),Skells(homeless) Slime-balls (Crooks),Collars(arrests),Coco-bolo sticks(police wooden night sticks)Black Hand(Gangster)You will read Part 1 and Part 2 the final chapter.

Submitted: April 21, 2012

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Submitted: April 21, 2012



The Deadly Underground is the story of the New York City Transit Police Department. It was created around 1953, and was merged with the NYPD in 1995.The transit police are responsible for the safety of about five million people a day everyday, 365 days a year.They are responsible for passengers on trains,stations, and buses! There are about three thousand transit police officers in the police department, and they patrol the trains, and subways looking out for signs of crime being committed by mopes that roam the city subways, and trains! There are many crimes committed on the trains, and stations everyday,and it was named the Deadly Underground.The story really begins many years ago when a woman was traveling on a BMT train in the Bronx. The woman was pregnant,and was having her baby on the train with no help from anyone.There were no transit police back then, and the woman delivered the baby by herself.The baby was said to have fallen on the train floor hitting its head.That baby was a boy by the name of Vito Calamari who would grow up to be a powerful Don.(BlackHand). It was said that when little Vito hit his head on the train floor,it led him to a life of crime, and violence which made him filthy rich! The Don ruled with a tight fist,and owned a lot of New York City property including the Fulton Fish Market!

One day as the Don was walking along the elevated train line, he was hit by a rock thrown from a unidentified person.The Don went over to City Hall, and told the Mayor to start a Transit Police Department, or lose the next election.The next week the city had recruits ready to enter the transit police Academy.After the new officers graduated from the Academy they were assigned to differenttrains, and stations in the city's twelve police districts.With all this completed they now needed a Chief of Police.Don Calamari recommended a mild mannered man by the name of Louie Bacala who was a Captain for the Don 's family.Louie Bacala was in charge of the Fulton Street Fish Market where he ran a successful business of loan sharking, and numbers.After a nice swearing in ceremony at Mulberry Street in little Italy,the new Chief was ready to go to work, His office was at Jay street in Brooklyn where he was introduced to his police officers.The Chief asked about the Morta Unit, and was told that it was a secret, and that only the Chief had the power to control their actions.The PBA(Police Union) had approved the new Chief, and told the Chief about the Morta Unit. They told him that only he had the power to use them at his discretion if crime gets out of control, and needs whacked! This was the secret of the Morta Unit never to be revealed!

TheChief decided to visit his police districts to discuss some of his new orders for the businesses on the transit system. He told his officers to whack any mopes with their coco-bolo sticks,seen putting their hands on the Pizza stores inthe transit system,and stealing the Mozzarella.He told his officers that that Don Calamari owned all the Pizza joints,and had the Mozzarella empire in his back pocket!The transit police were also busy with purse snatching mopes, who were terrorizing senior citizens by knocking them down and, stealing their pocketbooks.(hand bags).When Chief Louie Bacala heard of these insane bastards doing this to senior citizens he wanted them dead! Morta( Means dead in Italian) TheChief told the New York Slimes that they will not tolerate any mopes hitting on senior citizens,They paid their death to society said the Chief,and society was not going to kill them.The mopes were made an offer they could not refuse. They were told to stop hitting on senior citizens or die trying! They knew this was a clear, and present danger,and that they along with their families, will receive a dead fish in the mail! This was a Sicilian message, that they swim with the fishes! The Deadly Underground was quiet for a while once more as the transit police returned to their duties of protecting the riding public! End Of Part 1

Part 2 The Deadly Underground (Morta The Untold Secret)

After all the years of whacking mopes the secret of the Morta Unit was never revealed! A transit police officers wife was assigned to district 1,and never knew her husband was assigned to the Morta Unit.This was because he swore secrecy to the Don's,and the Transit Police "Morta Unit" John was married to Martha,and both were NewYork CityTransit PoliceOfficers.When they were at homeJohn never discussed any Morta activity with Martha.Then Marta would say to John,did you read that in the paper the other day about the Morta Unit, and John would say no! What did it say? OMG said Martha, they wiped out a bunch of mopes on the A train for eating stolen Pizza from some kind of Don Calamari.Really said John,wow that is gross, for killing mopes just because they stole Pizza from a Don.Yes,said Martha it is,and i always wonder who the Morta Unit is, and where do they come from.Well we will never know honey so lets go to bed, and make love because tomorrow we have a busy schedule.MMMMMMMM sounds good said Martha!

The next morning it was up at five, and time to jump into the shower with Martha,because John always loved her tall lean body rubbing up against his.They both left in different cars because, Marta was assigned to patrol that day,and John had a meeting with Don Calamari.As Martha was getting ready to change into her uniform at the district,the Captain called her into his office! Yes, Captain she said with a salute! Marthai want you to be extra careful today, and every day from now on while out on patrol.What do you mean Captain ,you know that i am always careful when out on patrol.Yes i know that Martha, because you are a good police officer,but now we are at war with the terrorists, and the cards have turned on us.Female police officers were listed on the Al Qaeda web site as being their number one priority for being kidnapped,and tortured in order to get information on the MortaUnit.Captain,you know that makes no sense at all because,no one has any idea who the Morta Unit is.Please Martha just be careful said the Captain.

On Martha's first hour on patrol she noticed that every time she went on the #1 train to get to her next post,a man with a towel around his head would stare at her with evil eyes! This is scary said Martha to herself,and thought oh no, its just me! A couple of hours went by,when two men with evil eyes came up to her on the 59th.Street station.This time they came over to her, and said you are a very beautiful looking officer! She thought to herself that these slime-balls are trouble,and said yer,yer,right,now get on your way,becausei am not in a good mood! The two men looked at each other and said somethingin Arabic.The next day the same two guys come over to her again at 59st.and told her that if she was in their Country, she could make a lot of money with a body like hers! Martha gives one mean look, and whacks the first mope in the face with her hand! As the second mope tries to pat her on the ass,she hits him over the head with her night stick.She cuffs one, and calls for back up.The other mope is laidout cold on the floor,as Martha helps the medics to get him into the ambulance.After sheis done with booking them with sexual abuse,and harassment on a police officer,Martha goes back to her police district to change her clothes, and go home.

She gets home before her husband John,and pours herself a tall drink,before she jumps into the shower.As she is in the shower she feels a hand on her breasts, and knows that John is home,and horny! She laughs ,and welcomes her husband into the shower as they embrace each other, and are both happy to be home.John kisses her erect nipples, and she moans for more.After making love,she tells John about her bad experience with the two mopes.John asks her,where are these punks from,as he punches the wall in anger! Don't get upset honey said Martha,because, i made the collar (arrest)on bothslime-balls! John tells her he wants to know their home address as soon as possible Ok? Martha said no problem,because its written in my memo book! The next morning Martha callsJohn on her cell, and gives him the addressof the two mopes. John tells Martha to be careful, and that he loves her! She responds back saying i love you too! A week goes by,and theNew York Slimes has a story in it about theNew York City transit police officer who arrested two mopes on sexual abuse charges,saying that the allegations are false!The two men werelet go on no bond at all.Fuc--- false,said John as he read the paper. The two men alleged that it was the female officer who grabbed them by their genitals!

That night the two slime-balls were met by a couple of guys by the name of Tony the Bender,and Homicide Johnny! The next morning the two slime-balls were found stripped naked inside the Gorilla cage at the Bronx Zoo. Needless to say the Gorilla's ripped them apart judging from the grin on the monkeys faces! The word was out that Don Calamari gave the order for the hit.The Morta Unit was protected from the grips of the media again!That night the Morta Unit lit a candle in Church, and thanked the Don for a Job well done.Martha was back at district 1 and was getting ready for a midnight tour. The Sergeant hold roll call, and says heads up everyone There is evidence that Al Qaeda wants revenge for the murders of their brothers at the Bronx Zoo,and want to kill the female transit police officer.The Sergeant tells Martha that he will give her two extra officers to go on patrol with.Martha says, that is not necessary but has no say in the matter, because it's the Captains orders!The three officers go out on patrol that night with no problems at all, and the next few night after.Everything was going good as Martha told her partners she needed to go on a personal,then have lunch, and meet them in about forty five minutes! They all agreed, and went their separate ways.

One hour goes by,and the two male officers look at each other as they radio her,and get no response! Again, and again they call with still no answer back from Martha! Now the officers know that something is terribly wrong! Within minutes more backup is called and a APB(Missing Person)is released for the officer.The Captain is called at his home,and is pissed that his orders were not obeyed! The Captain reamed out theSergeant, and the two officers that were her back up! Sorry Captain we never thought that this would happen!They must have hada tale on her, and we never saw it coming.Her husband John was called to the scene,and started yelling at the officers saying you should have never left her alone! John was very upset but later apologized to the officers saying,i knowit was not your fault.The hunt was on for Martha as every available officer was called out to look fo rher.The next day a phone call to the police revealed,that a woman saw four men carrying a person,who seemed to be in a police uniform.The deskSergeant picks upthe phone and calls John, to tell him that they may have good information about Martha, from a unidentified woman who call the police district.The Sergeant gives John all the information and he is on it right away!

John knocks onthe door of the woman's apartment and identifies himself as a police officer. She told John that she saw four men carrying a person, and it looked like that person was wearing a police uniform.She also stated that the men were driving a big truck with advertising on it saying Camel cigarettes! The men had towels on their heads, and had evil eyes!The woman also had a partial plate number! The police put a trace on it and came up with a name, and numbers that matched the informers. The Unit called a stool pigeon mope who was a drug addict, and would do anything for some cash!They told the mope the information they needed, and the stool pigeon told them that he knowsthe truck in question,because itis always parked in his neighborhood! The stool pigeon went out and took the plate numbers from the truck and called the Morta Unit back. It was a match,and so were the four men that the woman identified.The Morta Unit were on their way to the location,and found the truck just in time.They caught the men just as they were leaving, and shoved guns in their mouth.As the officers opened the rear door of the truck they saw Martha,who was tied up and seemed to be unconscious.Call for a Ambulance quick said John, as he went to his wife's aid.After they took Martha to the Hospital, they called the Morta Unit Helicopter"Morta One"! Morta One came to their location where the four mopes were being held by them.The officers put the four mopes in the back of the truck, and locked it.Then a giant magnet attached to Morta One,picked up thetruck, and flew it tothe AtlanticOcean! When they reach a spot that was known for man eating sharks,the officers released the lock they rigged on the trucks backdoor, and opened it.The four mopes were never heard of again.

Back at theHospital Martha was treated,and they revived her from a strong dose of narcotics!John was so happy that the Doctors said that Martha was going to be fine,as he thanked his unit for saving her.When Martha regained her strength sheaskedher husband what happenedto her!Then she asked who Don Calamari was because she received beautiful flowers from a Don Calamari..John told her that Don was a friend from his unit,and that he is very respectful.John told Martha that the mopes had given her a potent drug that had knocked her out. Then she asked John how he found her! John told her about the woman who called the police district and that he took over the assignment from there.Martha then said that she saw the TV this morning, and they said it was the Morta Unit from our job that rescued me,and killed those slime-balls!John said to Martha don't believe everything you hear on the news honey! How many times must i tell you"There Is No Morta Unit"!!! The End! "MORTA MEANS DEAD IN ITALIAN"

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