Deadly Underground (The Jade Earring)

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This is a fiction story about a Chinese girl living in New York City's Chinatown,who is reported missing by her father a local restaurant owner.

Submitted: April 23, 2012

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Submitted: April 23, 2012



It was a hot July morning in New York City after a heavy rainfall the night before. At the transit police headquarters in Jay Street Brooklyn the detectives were ready for another day reports and, investigations Detectives Joe Black, and Jim Stone were partners who worked together in the New York City transit police detective division.They were both ten year veterans of the police department, both married with children.They were very active in their rank of first grade detectives in the major case squad, of the New York City transit police detective division.They both lived on Long island, and would commute together by car every day to work.That morning Joe's phone rang. and he answered Detective Black ,may i help you? The male caller was talking with a Chinese accent, and told the Detective that he believed his daughter was missing.The Detective asked him why he thought that, and the man stated because his daughter did not call him since she left for college.He told the detective that he owned a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, and his daughter was visiting yesterday. She attended college in Queens New York ,but after she left the restaurant she never called him to tell him she got back to school safely.The Detective asked the man how his daughter was returning back to school, and the man told the detective that she always takes the subway at the Canal Street station. With this the Detective took the mans ,name,address,phone number, and told him he would be down to see him very shortly.

Joe yelled to his partner to get the keys of one of the police unmarked RMPs' (radio motor patrol) and told him they had to investigate a alleged missing persons report! The Detectives arrived at the Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, and introduced themselves to Mr. Wong, the father of the alleged missing girl.Mr.Wong was asked when he last saw his daughter,and he replied last night at ten pm. He said that she kissed her father goodbye, and told him that she would call him, as soon as she got back to school.The Detectives asked Mr, Wong his daughters,height,weight,color of eyes,hair,her schools name, location.and a photo of her.Her name was Lisa Wong nineteen years old black hair wearing a red blouse and blue jeans.The officers thanked Mr.Wong and told him they would get right on it right away.The first thing the Detectives did was visit Canal Street station to question the railroad clerk, and possible find out if there were any reports of a witness reporting any type of unusual incident the station the night before.The railroad clerk said that he was not told of any reports of anyone being hurt or any other incident out of the ordinary. With this the officers also called the transit police district, and asked the Captain if any of his officers had filed or received a report of any type of crime or violation the night before at the Canal Street station. The Captain hold on while i check.The Captain responded,that the patrol officer had been on the station the night before at 2100 hrs. (9pm),and reported in his memo book that the condition at the station was normal,dry, andwell lit.The Detective thanked the Captain, and they both proceeded to go down to the train station platform to have a look around! Detective Joe Black was looking into thet racks, and every other place he could think of. His partner went a few yards into the tunnel to look for any type of evidence. As Joe was looking into the tracks he saw something glowing like a shinny mirror.He called his partner,and told him to stay near him,and watch out for the incoming train while he jumped into the tracks to retrieve the unknown object.Detective Joe Black jumped into the tracks and quickly picked up what appeared to be a earring. When Joe took a good look at it it appeared to be a Green Jade Earring! The Detectives quickly returned to Mr. Wong's Chinese restaurant, and showed the earring to Lisa's father! Mr. Wong broke down crying saying,yes, that is his daughters earring.Mr. Wong told the detectives it was a gift from him when his daughter graduated from high school.

The Detectives knew now there was foul play involved,and went back to Jay Street police headquarters to make some phone calls.The Detectives made some calls to their informers to see if they heard anything on the street in regards to Lisa Wong's disappearance.A week went by and the detectives had no leads at all and decided to go over, and visit Lisa's school to see if they could come up with other information that may help them in finding her,or maybe a new lead to determine if she contacted a friend at school.The Detectives arrived at the College and spoke to a girl friend of Lisa. She told them that Lisa was well liked by everyone at school and that this was a shock that she is missing. The girlfriend told the detectives that Lisa would have told her if she was having problems at school or at home if this was the case! The Detectives thanked her for her cooperation and left! On the drive back from Queens the Detectives received a radio message to call a informer of theirs right away.Joe Black called on his cell and the informer told Joe to meet him on Mott Street in the City.The Detectives drove to the city,and met with the informer brag about kissing. and feeling up a Chinese girl.The Detectives asked Joey if he knew the guy from around town,and Joey said no! They asked if Joey could identify the guy if he saw him again,and Joey saidyes, no problem!.Joey gave the Detectives a description of the man, and told them that he would call them if he saw him again.With that the Detectives thanked Joey. and left for their office to continue to investigate the case!

Two days later the Detectives receive a phone call from Joey that the guy he described was at the bar as he spoke.The Detectives told Joey to stay there until they arrive, and pin point him out to us. The Detectives speeded to lower Manhattan without the sirens' When they arrived Joey came out of the barhe, pointed to the guy he said kissed,and felt up the Chinese girl .The Detectives went into the bar with their hand guns drawn and told the guy he was under arrest as they cuffed him without incident! They took the unidentified white male to police headquarters at JayStreet. Once there the Detectives started to question the man about his allegations of kissing a Chinese girl at the Canal Street station.At first the man was reluctant to say anything but when told that the Detectives had a witness to his allegations he cooperated.The man was identified as Jim Brown a unemployed construction worker from Manhattan.He told the Detectives that he was drinking heavy the night in question.He said he was at the Canal Street station late that night when he saw a pretty Chinese girl waiting for the train. The platform as empty with just the two of them being the only ones waiting for the train. He said he approached the girl, and said some words to the effect of how pretty she was. He also stated she walked away,heading towards the end of the platform! He then walked overto her and grabbed her by the arm and kissed her on the lips as she tried toget away. He stated this made him mad so he knocked her down ripping off her blouse,and feeling her breasts .The man said she started to scream,and he ran away because he could hear the train coming from far away.The man said he was afraid that a police officer would be on the train, when it pulled into the station.He swore that the girl was not hurt but just scared because of his actions! The officers took his statement,and booked him at thePrecinct.The Detectives sort of believed the man,and now had a better idea of what might have conspired, that rainy night at the Canal Street station.

The Detectives called the K-9 unit of the New York City transit police, to meet them at the Canal Street station the next day.The K- 9 unit arrived, and the Detectives had the officer take his K-9 down deep into the tunnel.Within minutes the dog was on to something as he pulled on his trainers arm,and started barking. The dog lead them to a open area in the tunnel where there was an escape hatch to the street.The Detectives discovered a horrible scene! The body of what they believed to be Lisa Wong was decomposed.The Chinese girl seemed to be mutilated by some sort of sharp weapon! The Detectives called in the crime street investigators, and the medical examiners office to the scene right away.The next thing they did was go to see Mr.Wong, and tell him of their findings.Mr.Wong broke down looking at the photos,and told them it looked like his daughter because of the second Jade earring still attached to her ear! The body was taken to the Medical examiners office for a autopsy to determine the cause of death.After a few days the detectives were told that Lisa died from knife wounds,she was raped,and sodomized. The medical examiners said they found some pieces of hair, and some shredded pieces of clothing, and a rubber glove on the girls body.After a DNA test they said that the glove seemed to be a transit authority issued glove that the track workers use! With this information the Detectives went over to the track workers supervisor building, and got the names, and address of any track workers who may have worked on that station the night of the homicide!The Detectives were told that only one of their men worked that night on the late shift. He was supposed to check for any bad leaks that were reported that night because of the heavy rains.The detectives went over to the transit workers home early in the morning,and took down his door!The man surrendered and confessed to killing Lisa Wong.He was a new employee of the transit authority, and had a record for a sex crime that was thrown out of court in regards to a attempted rape! After he was arraigned he told the detectives,and prosecutor that he had been drinking, and saw the Chinese girl half naked that night on the station.His first impulse was to grab the girl before the train arrived at the station. He said she fought violently for her life, so he said he continued to stab her until he stopped.

After the man was convicted of the crime,the Detectives would always go to see Mr.Wong, and check up on him.The only good thing that came out of this case, was the fact that it got solved so fast in a "City of Eight Million People". The End!!

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