Deadly Underground (The Merry Go Round)

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This is the continuing fiction, and humor stories of the New York City transit police, and their battle with crime in the New York subways!

Submitted: April 22, 2012

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Submitted: April 22, 2012



Every day the transit police were getting more, and more threats about bombs being planted at Police District 34 in Coney Island.Of course the Chief called for more surveillance from his police officers,and had them make an entry in their memo books every twenty minutes!The district was on high alert especially because of the large amount of people Coney Island draws in the summertime.Chief Fazool went to the transit police Clinic # 4 to check out some lumps on his head.The doctors told the Chief it was from to much stress, and that he should go to the gym, and take his lumps in the transit police boxing ring!The Chief had no idea that the transit police had a boxing ring, until he saw the movie the money train.

Summer was coming fast, and the district was unprepared for the large crowds, and recent threats of bomb scares!The first day of summer was a busy day for district 34 because of many 911 calls stating that a bomb was to go off at a near location by the police district.The roll calls were busy on every shift, giving out all the information to every officer about where,and when this tragedy would occur.The riding public was not told of these threats in fear that they would never come down to Coney Island,and spend money on rides,beer, franks,corn on the cob,and the fishing, and bathing crowd!The biggest fear for the transit police was that the mopes would stop coming also,therefore shutting down crime as the transit police knew it.Captain Vinnie the Beak told the New York Daily Snooze, that without mopes we are out of business,and without girls in bikinis who wants to visit the beach.The bathing suit store had a big sale on bikinis!

The transit police needed to know how, when, and where the information was to be given to the terrorists to set the time, and date to have the bombs activated.All the transit police could do was to wait, and see until their informers could come up with this information.Every day was a stressful day, as the thought of girls not coming down to the beach,and causing men not to spend money on them drove the Mayor nuts! The Mayor begged the transit police to find these slim-balls terrorists, and call the Morta Unit to dispose of them in any manner that they choose!

As the days went by the transit police noticed that more, and more people with towels on their heads were coming off the trains.They did not appear to be your average swimmer who carry towels in a hand bag.The patrol officers reported their findings to the Chief,and the Chief called the PBA (police union)for support. The PBA recommended having the Morta Unit follow up on the case! The Chief decided it was a good idea, but it might harm the girls in bikinis!There were reports that the slime-balls, were following the girls to the beach.It seemed like these slime-balls never saw women in bikinis before, or even had the pleasure of looking at a pretty face.The Chief realized what the transit police were up against.The bastards are radical terrorists that cover their women faces with veils, and have no idea of who is who, when it comes to friends, and family members! We must follow their every move said Chief Bacala, and break the case.The Chief picked up the phone, and notified the Morta Unit!

The Morta Unit was on it like a speeding bullet from a 9mm as they arrived in Coney Island. The Morta Unit followed the terrorists every move, and noticed that the Merry Go Round was the slime-balls main attraction.After a few days of surveillance the Morta Unit noticed that the slime-balls were on the Merry Go round reaching out to try and grab the rings in order to get a free ride.One day as one of the mopes got off the ride a Morta officer grabbed him, and asked him if he caught a ring! The man answered yes,saying that now I ride free the next time.The Morta officer made him an offer he could not refuse.He told the man if he would exchange the ring he caught, with a woman in a bikini! When the man said no,the officer knew he was a radical terrorists,so he cut off all of the slime-balls fingers,and took away the mans right to catch another ring! The Morta Unit found the evidence they needed! It was inside the slime-balls ring he had grabbed from the Merry Go Round. Inside the ring was a note giving the time ,date,and place to set of the bomb!The Mayor praised the Morta Unit as the case was solved,saying whoever fingered them did a good job! The End!

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