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Submitted: August 19, 2012

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Submitted: August 19, 2012




by hanna casinillo
i'm gonna speak out for my heart today,
because it's better to let it out this way...
sorry if you think i'm going the wrong way when it's simply a way of my own
sorry if i try to reach out, and still; i'm left alone...
sorry if you hate me; and hate more, - a lot
sorry if i'm being myself 'coz i don't want people to remember me
 for someone that i'm not
sorry if i seem to be different, by just being myself- plainly.
sorry if you have to be bothered by looking at me daily
sorry if i'm not perfect and if i don't fake a smile
sorry if it has to be about me- every once in a while.
i will change the way i do things and fake it to fit in
i will buy good clothes and kill myself just to be thin
i will strive for you to like me so you'll hang out with me a lot
i will change and force myself to be someone that i'm not.
i would force myself to be perfect and i will fake a smile
it would be all about us- forever, every second, every while
i'm sorry if you are too good to judge me
sorry if you can't just stand and let me be
sorry if you had gone on your so-called- right path; the path you call "your own"
sorry if you have too many friends so you will never be alone
sorry if you are too perfect because you have a pretty smile
so your gossips and trendy tips made your life worth the while
thank you because the more people hate me, 
the less i have to get along with entirely.
thank you; because of your gossips,
everyone see whom i appear to be
and there are only a few ones who knows the real me
thank you but you can't fix me because i'm something that isn't broken
so don't you think that in your dirty and filthy lies, i had fallen.
sorry if when you judge someone else, it doesn't define they are but who you are.
and afterall, it's you who would fail to go on far.
Now i will stop trying to fit in;
when i was especially made to stand out
Now i will get the most on special things i care about
now i will go on a special way of my own
I have god; so i will never be alone
In my own, i will be perfect and i will let you see
that now, who cares on what you think of me?
well- it couldn't be as bad as what i think of you
after all- no one expects that a word you say is true
For i am now the greatest person that i could ever be
i know that i am special, and that's enough for me
for i am working long and hard right now- for a cause
Not like you, you only work for applause
For i am liking myself and loving myself- a lot.
and i will never become someone that i'm not
For now i will be unique so i'll be myself- plainly
i'll be myself and only myself completely
In the end, i saw who's fake and who's true
and who will love me for me all the way through...
- the butterfly message

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