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The Way He Makes Me Feel

Submitted: July 06, 2011

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Submitted: July 06, 2011



I Know That I'm Here & You Are There,But We Move Just Like The Moon & Sun.I Go Down & You Go Up,The World Just Spins Us Around.We May Be a World Apart But Nothing Ever Feels Like Home,Like You Do Babe I Love You More Then You Could Ever Know,We Can't Make A Sound Our Love,Will Spin Us Around,I Have a Couple Pills & A Couple Scars,But I Promise To Make This Wish On A Lonesome Star Tonight,Star Oh Star Oh How Bright You Are Please Just Grant Me One Wish Tonight,That I Won't Die Tonight Of This Love You Make Me Feel,I'm In This Game Of Love To Win Not To Lose.I Want To Discover Everything About You,I See Your Face When I Close My Eyes& My Heart Jumps Into a High Speed Chase,You Have Me Hooked & Hooked On You,Babe Don't Be Scared Because This Is Only Love That Were Falling In,I Be Yours Forever, & I Just Need To Know If You Feel The Same.You Feel Like Home,A Home To Me.Take My Hand & I'll Help You Understand This Feeling.At Night When I'm Laying In My Bed Awake & Can't Sleep Its Because Your On My Mind, & I Can Not Wait To See Your Face Again,I Would Never Do Any Wrong Towards You,I Can Only Do Right For You.All Those Night's I Stayed Awake,I Wanted To Make Sure You Were Mine & All Those Fights We Got In & All Those Tears You Made Me Cry,I'd Rather Do It All With You Then To Have a Good Time With Someone New.Let's Forget The World For a Day & Runaway,Leave Our Problem Behind.You Should Know Not a Second Goes By Without You Crossing My Mind,I Know Lately I Have Not BeenMyself But,I Just Wanna Runaway,To The Place Love Found Us.You Have Been So Patient & Understanding,& I Promise I'll Make It Up To You.I Won't Give Up Because I'm Just That So Much In Love.I Just Want One Wish & For a Matter Of Fact I Would,Take That Wish & Use It On You,I Just Wanna Be By Your Side,Be Your Bestfriend,Be With You All Day Everyday.You Make Me So Happy I Do Anything If I Could Have This Wish,I'll Go Searching The World For Whatever You Want,Baby I Can't Be Alone Because Without You I Am,Love Sick.Our Love Will Not End,I Trust You & You Should Trust Me Too.Boy Just Know That,I Waiting & Loving On You.I Know I've Got It So Bad For You But I Just Can't Help It..Your My Obsession,I'm Seeing You In My Dreams,What You Have Boy Is Hard To Find,I Think About You All The Time.My Heart Is Fried,Your Love Is My Damn Drug & I'm a Full Blown Addict To It.I Just Love,Everything About You & I Need You In My Life,I Wouldn't Trade You For The World,You Are My One & Only,My Heart,My Love,My Life.I Can Never Find The Right Word's To Tell You Just How Much You Mean To Me,But I'm Trying,I Just Want You To Know Your The Reason I Love & The Reason I Trust.I Love How,I Listened To My Heart & Found Something Special,Something So Special,You.Love Dosen't Lie & Right Now It's Telling Me That Were Together For a Reason,Baby Just Remember Everything Happens For a Reason & Wanna Be The Reason For Your Smile,For Your Laugh & For The Reason You Can't Stop Thinking About Me.Don't Listen To Anyone But Your Heart,Cause I'm Here & I'm Sticking Like Glue.(:

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