Ketchup - A misleading poem

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It is a poem I wrote for my english class.

Inspired by emotions I had those particular days, but some how, the theme of food manages to push itself in.

Submitted: April 26, 2011

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Submitted: April 26, 2011




This is probably going to end up like the blues Just the other day, I felt my life was hollow If I had some booze, maybe would be make my life liquid Beats being hollow, too bad I didn’t have any booze to drink Don’t know why it happened, probably no cake if I knew At least I’m not new to it.

Wake up the next day and took a sniff of a new day Took a rejuvenating wash, felt like yesterday was just ridicule Just when the feeling was at its peak, it decided to lay off One second I have butter scotch, then the next, it melts away.

At school, it only just had to get worse And I didn’t even know why I felt like a rotten tomato Maybe to cool down, say “what’s up?” Followed by all kinds of potatoes like it, like “ketchup”

Well, it took off the unneeded salt on the salmon I didn’t need a booze nor chocolate to be filled Bonus! That salmon turned into sushi, ring the bells! It certainly made me feel much better Dare yourself to feed on the taste of variety.

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