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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
I tried to theme this after the works of Allan Poe. I hope this does him justice??

Submitted: August 18, 2012

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Submitted: August 18, 2012





Ghost I see your silhouette tonight,

And how you glitter in the moonlight;

Curtains quiver as you stand and gaze,

Beneath the stars in gloomy midnight haze;

Still silent yet you make your slow advance,

Towards my bed as though it were a dance,

And beautiful the glitter of your skin,

But stopping then as caught upon a whim


The music box once hers but now her past,

Chimes a woeful tune for her at last,

The wind picks up and swirls upon a tide,

To her embrace and once upon a bride;

There’s evil though that festers on the wick,

A candle flame and wax is flowing thick,

And then once more she makes her slow advance,

Caught upon the waves of our romance


The candle flame that flickered burns no more,

And then there sounds a knock upon my door,

The knock of evil comes to claim its prize,

A glitter does not sparkle in her eyes,

And yet the music chimes to her advance,

The victim of a siren song entranced,

The glitter of her skin and moonlight flares,

And footsteps can be heard upon the stairs


She puts a frozen hand upon the door,

I know because I’ve touched it once before,

A knock upon the door there is and then,

The sound of heavy feet on stairs again;

Her pale hand that glitters in the night,

The clouds are glowing bright by white moonlight,

She seems to simply vanish by the door,

More footsteps but I see her nevermore


Not until the cold moon’s full again,

But not before and never once ‘til then,

The footsteps trail off in minutes hence,

A full moon brings this sequence of events;

How the moonlight and my visitor have tried,

To lure me to the evil things outside,

The evil that is lurking at the door,

That leaves me feeling haunted evermore.






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