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Can't beat those cold nights when you've had too much to drink.. the rest explains itself

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



Back when we were statues

And the world was just a dream

When we would dance in circles

And I would kiss her lipstick clean

When the music that was playing

While it was twenty eight below

Would fill our heads with drunken love

That ended in the snow.

And watching midnight pass us by

The moon that hung in sombre grey

For when we spoke we fell in love

And lay in winter sun of early day

And there we were like statues

Cobwebs that were hung in frozen lace

Below a liquid sky of blue

In cold that gave excuse for her embrace.

She knew how to warm my humble heart

Her eyes that only open to my mind

Like marbles that hold beauty deep within

That when upon a sea are hard to find

A rose perhaps entangled with a thorn

And yet she sends a shiver to my spine

Could it be I’ve lost myself again?

Why did I not think she could be mine?

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