'The Dark Poetic'

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Tried to experiment with horror poetry. That's all.


Embrace my sombre word and live by night

The coloured world is evanescent quite

For passed have the sands through hourglass

Every one of you who read have come to pass

The hope of your child that did not last

For all is done in the world now past

For those of the eye kind that wonder blind

Who stagger by path but exhibit no mind

The blood of our kind that has come to abate

Now we travel alone and we only go late

Beware the eye kind for they sense of our fear

Beware of the eye man whose eye holds a tear

Constant as a veil there is only moonlight now

Rich colours of my dreams the moonlight won’t allow

Devoid of colour pastel shades those of the palest form

And on the path the eye kind swarm

Those who lack fear can wonder through the eye kind pit

A world of many wires that keep our blood close-knit

But beware of the eye kind for they sense of our fear

Steer clear of the eye man whose eye holds a tear

All guards on this route must facilitate wires

Every fort must conform to fulfil their desires

The table be set every time they pass through

And raise glass to their news for their words be sworn true

Have a bed for the night if that be their request

Even those without fear must allow their nerves rest

Bullets of silver, offer you will

For only these bullets of silver can kill

Ask for no more than they wish say or tell

But hear of their news and then wish of them well

Offer the finest of garments to wear

And supply for their journey - your duty of care

For now I can recall in due respect

I had a dream of her I recollect

Four two eight nine six eight zero one

The eye kind on the path and the sullen moon were gone

Her skin a preternatural shade of white

Her eyes were precious jewels when blessed with light

A sun that hung so awful in the sky

And then I saw a tear in her eye

Acid eats the sky the sun explodes

And the eye kind stride as driven by their codes

The eye man takes the beauty from her face

And the eye kind move in quick to her embrace

The wisdom of the guard must crack the code

For which would mean the eye kind over-load

For wires always leave behind them codes

They leave them on the paths and on the roads

Even those who suffer not from fear

Can leave a code sufficient for a tear

Beware the eye kind for they sense of our fear

Beware of the eye man whose eye holds a tear

Candle flickers hours passing late

Word from wires visit I await

Adjustments to the codes to pass the while

Still no joy note added to my file

Knock upon the door I ask for name

She says wire girl path bloodline of the sane

I then usher her to main room of the fort

I follow rules of guard and her report

‘Guards bring word from regions far and wide

Still no joy with code all methods tried

So now I ask you too guard have you joy?

A method to decode we can employ?’

Once again I open up the file

Yet again no joy came from my trial

Wire takes her bullets by request

And leaves with good supplies and garments best

Monitor the eye kind on the path

Count them as they pass and plot a graph

Daily counts an hour at a time

Send note if the graph begins to climb

The eye kind may cluster three or four

But send note if they cluster any more

Exercise a vigil every night of wires stay

And pray that eye man with a tear stays away

If eye man should come rapping at the door

Run with wire and stay there nevermore

If you should fall beneath the eye man’s spell

Then follow him to those who walk in hell

Take the paths that lead you to a fort

Ask their guards for substance of report

Stick to paths and stay off of the roads

For streets and avenues can harbour codes

If sun exposed and acid eats the sky

Then trace of code on you is likely high

The eye man will then offer you his tear

But wires you must never show him fear

With your silver bullet shoot his eye

Or walk with him in hell so if you cry

If sun explodes and beauty leaves your face

Then send we will a wire in your place

Forgotten souls of the world gone by

Those we lost are called the kind of eye

Blessed not with the beauty of our blood

Not an army on the quest for greater good

Stagger as they do between our forts

They live from codes that feed upon our thoughts

Fears that stem from minds of many wires

This is all the eye kind flock desires

If they find a wires code leaked fresh

They drain the beauty from within their flesh

The wire is then defected to their herd

Following the eye man to his word

For wires who let their thoughts lead them astray

Will often pay their duty on the way

Guards who keep a vigil from their post

Must never be the victim or play host

To a sweeping of the dreaded eye kind tide

Where guard and wire perish side by side

Beware the eye kind for they sense of our fear

Beware of the eye man whose eye holds a tear

Submitted: April 16, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Dean2118. All rights reserved.

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Hi dearie, thank you for telling me about this poem of yours. I love the way you wrote it. The rhyming is impeccably done and the imagery you used is amazing. Good job! If you ask me again to read any of your work, I'll be happy to read it.

Thu, April 26th, 2012 12:21pm

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