'The mist and the crows'

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Secrets of the mist

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013



Midnight mist please tell me of the secrets that you hold

Beneath your eerie blanket gloom so glorious and cold

I’ve heard they come in shadows to torment those who dream

And murder them in nightmares before they wake to scream

Outside a branch is stirring with a crow upon its limb

I dare not open windows or invite the creature in

Possessed by spells of jackals in the gloom that billows there

The crow I feel it watching with myself beneath its stare

Yet deep the fog keeps smoking like the steam upon a soup

With plumes so briefly clearing to reveal the lone crows group

I see their wings their beaks their claws and feathered coats that shine

An image like a silhouette that preys upon my mind

To turn my back without a care would spell my bitter end

As swarms of demon guardians who play the devils friend

Thrash feathered limbs and bullet beaks to shatter through the panes

Of glass the other side of which the murder group remains

This curse of heavy eyes and how my eyelids long to close

They’ll wait out there like patient beasts until I start to doze

And once I do I’m sure they will like loyal friends of he

Break through my window once I dream and have a peck at me

True predators of night and mist with blood spent on the sheets

A murder of crows with morbid deeds beneath a fog that greets

The loss of souls whilst in their beds a secret worth its keep

For those it finds alone who dream will suffocate in sleep

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