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This is called 'Time'

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012





Equinox to equinox

A life as judged by ticking clocks

Stood near as our hearts beat fast

A moment in all time we wish could last;

Close your eyes I won’t forget your scent

When time has judged our drunken hearts be spent

In summer breeze I won’t forget your kiss

In latter days when time’s our nemesis;

The fire in your eyes that burns so bright

Will be a burning ember keeping sight

Glass of woe that keeps the ticking clear

That will always keep us close and keep us here;

Hands that keep a touch upon the dial

In the days that we must hope are worth our while;

Worth it every time I see you smile.

Pillow where we rest our weary heads

Beneath a quilt of timeless tiny threads

When by the hourglass that keeps you right

One day you know we’ll say our last good night

So close your eyes and wish these days to last

And hold them dear so label them the past;

Yet still I’m cursed to wish my life away

With the ticking that gets louder every day.


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