A Life Saved

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My life was unexpectedly saved by someone I grew to love

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013



I spent most of my days heavily medicated, damn near sedated

Being numb to the world made me so elated

Slow speech and low eyes, you could tell I was faded

The place the pills took me had a totally different feel

I was in a place where reality wasn't real

I thought it was a place where the wounds could possibly heal

But in all actuality I was making it worse

I started having visions of myself riding in a hearse

The song I was singing was over, there was no second verse

Thinking of my daughter made me open my eyes and see

I need an exit route, this was not a place I needed to be

So I prayed for God to set me free

But nothing happened and I was stuck in the same place

My prayers were unanswered and I began to lose faith

All that I believed in had been erased

Didn't know where to turn or what bridges I should burn

Walking around lost hoping I would learn

Learn a new way to cope and not rely on the dope

Then I found you and now I have a new drug

The taste of your kiss and the warmth of your hug

Now I'm at a olace where everything is alright

And I can truly say you saved my life

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