Bad dream or secret desire

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A dream

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013



I crept into his house last night and stood over his bed

Sweat overwhelmed my hand as I pointed the gun at his head

He laid there sleeping without a care in the world

Like he could do no wrong

But he's the cause of this hurt and pain that I've endured for so long

At this moment, time was at astand still

I can't help but to think about how great this will feel

Without even blinking, I squeeze the trigger

I was so nervous I missed, go figure

The sound of the gun woke him out his sleep

Next thing I know, I'm staring at him, he's staring at me

The scared look in his eyes brought me great satisfaction

I was finally able to put my wicked thoughts into action

The tables had been turned and he now feared me 

Begging and pleading he drop to his knee

But I showed no mercy, his time had come

I count down the final seconds 3..2..1

I shot him in the chest

He reaches for me and I plant another one in his head

Joy comes over me as I realize he's dead

I stood there and watched as he took his last breath

Who knew that my happiness would come through death

I walk away pround from the gruesome scene

I open my eyes and realize it was just a dream

© Copyright 2017 DeandriaNicoleWalker. All rights reserved.

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