The Voices Inside My Head

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By reading this you will share with me the everyday experience of voices in my head that torment me.

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013



My head is pounding and my heart is racing

I'm walking back and forth pacing

The voices inside won't go away

They make me contemplate life and death everyday

Reminding me of all the things going wrong

This has been going on too long

I'm starting to believe what they say is true

It's like they've taken over my thoughts and if they take over my actions there's no telling what I'd do

Crazy thoughts always consume my head

And I know they won't stop even when I'm dead

I'll be tossing and turning six feet under

so suicide is something I don't ponder

Well not anymore

There was a time I was weak and didn't have anything to live for

Everything I loved had been taken and would never return

That should have brought me closer to God

But he was missing in my life so that would have been odd

Still to this day I have little faith

Maybe that's why my life is hard in the first place

But back to why I'm writing this piece

I thought maybe if I exposed the demons my mind would be at peace

But even at this moment they are telling me I'll never be free

And my sould no longer belonged to me

And I believe them because they haven't been wrong yet

It's been painted in my mind so I won't forget

No matter how hard I try

Because the paint is already dry

They haunt my dreams too so I lose sleep

I lay awakw while everyone count sheep

In my dreams they show me death and sorrow

And there's no escape it will be the same thing tomorrow

My head will be pounding and my heart racing

I'll be walking back and forth pacing

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