A Road That Leads To Nowhere

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The road that laid before us
We walked hand in hand
Such picturesque perfection
The beauty of our land

We stopped along the way
Embraced the love we shared
Ran and skipped for hours
Live as no-one cared

The skies began to darken
Now cometh the rain
A road with no horizon
With darkened signs of pain

Dreams no longer linger
It’s just the here and now
A shattered town called reality
The only question “how?”

If life is about Karma
We must have somehow have been bad
Life slaps us with reality
Taken all we had

No more roads to take now
Just one final path
I thank you for the good times
When both of us could laugh

I have so many questions
However, time will have no reply
So let’s stare life in the eye
We have no room to cry

For what is left we live it
Each moment you will treasure
For our time is almost up my love
It’s something we can’t measure

Reach out to the sunset
Two hands tightly entwined
Smiles turned skywards
Love of the truest kind

Submitted: September 19, 2018

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