A time to dream

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A poem about long distance love

Submitted: February 22, 2012

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Submitted: February 22, 2012



In symmetry we close our eyes

I try to visualise your face

Nothing seems to appear

Questions dance around my head

A symphony of confusion

I settle for the night wind

Soothing and relaxed

It knows how far to test me

It plays my active mind

My thoughts are often active

Cannot stand still

Turn from side to side

Frustration lies within

Do you sleep so peaceful?

Are we insomniac akin?

But it all seems so pointless

I know it is just me

Doubt creeps deep from within

Pondering deep thoughts

A new day tomorrow

I reach for happy place

A journey towards a peaceful realm

Until I see you again

Scream! Sleepless…

I am not anger

I am the minute hand

Clambering up to the midnight cloud

Cuckoo sings a lullaby

My hypnotic tune

Peaceful world embrace me

Now we waltz again

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