Free as a bird

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A poem about escaping and being as free as bird

Submitted: October 28, 2017

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Submitted: October 28, 2017



A stray winter bird, flying freely in the sun
Soaring above its eternal kingdom,
Two wings beat as one
Dancing through the yellow leaves
A chorus of a song
Flight path is guided by the wind
Its destination long
Settling down upon my fence,
Its red breast stands so proudly
Her beauty is equal no matter where she is
In the heavens or on the ground
It’s call to arms of sister birds,
is a perfect melody
Or it is it a cry of solitude?
She sings so heavenly
It flies away and yet returns to a solstice of sunshine rays
My garden its utopia
Nature works in many ways
How long it stays time will tell, yet I embrace it every morn
I see myself in that little bird
Free yet so forlorn
Fly high dear friend, live both our dreams until we meet again
May your journey be one of love and life
Through sunshine and rain

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