Nothing but Lies

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Submitted: July 13, 2009

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Submitted: July 13, 2009



My final attempt;
Your last chance.
As much as it kills me,
I can’t keep doing this.
Why do I keep falling for this,
Over and over again?
All it takes,
Is for someone to say they love me,
And I trust them.
But they’re nothing but lies.
You can try to deny it,
But the truth never lies.
What’s your excuse this time?
I offered you my hand again,
But you took someone else’s.
Am I not good enough?
I knew I’d never stand a chance,
Against everyone else.
You said you cared,
But those words were nothing but lies.
You always leave when I need you most.
Why don’t you take me seriously?
Why won’t you believe this is real?
I gave up everything for you.
I lost who I am,
Completely absorbed in your world.
I’d sacrifice anything for you.
I’d take a bullet for you.
What are you willing to give?
How far would you go?
You use me,
Just like everyone else.
You’re no different from them.
You lied to me again and again,
But I kept believing you.
Am I that gullible?
What do I really mean to you?
All along,
I was just another person on the list.
The list of all the others you stepped on.
The love in your eyes is long gone.
You’re nothing but lies.
As history repeats itself,
Know that I’m older now.
And I won’t fall for your lies.
I can’t live without you,
But living with you is killing me.
So I turn away,
As a last attempt.
To see if you care enough to follow.
I never meant anything to you,
Did I?
Knowing you won’t even read this…
If you do care about me,
If you do love me,
Prove it.
I can’t trust you anymore.
You’re nothing but lies.
I’m falling apart,
And all you can do,
Is rub in my face all that I’ve lost.
All that I’m not.
And all that I’ll never have.
I now know the game you’re playing,
And I cans see right through you.
You have no idea how much pain you’ve cause me,
Do you?
So when you say you care,
When you tell me you love me,
I know deep down in my heart,
That you’re nothing but lies.

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