Open Road

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Poem about a road trip

Submitted: March 02, 2012

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Submitted: March 02, 2012



We leave behind familiar land

Everything we know

Onward onto unknown road

Forward we will go

Under endless summer sky

Refreshing breeze so pure

Tempted by our destination

An ever-addictive lure

A heart dances like a flame

In the fire of excitement

Mind free of emotional stress

The traveller enlightens

Sunshine wakes me from a sleep

How far have we traveled?

Unfamiliar sights and sounds

My mind slowly unraveled

Twilight guided us as we slept

The moons eternal glow

Now the sun our guiding light

It tells us where to go

Silence all around us

Not one uttered sound

Taking in the scenic views

Destination bound

The land it quickly changes

To silhouette form

Awash with feelings so unknown

A true break from the norm

The clouds they now open

Rain washes smiles away

The fear of never seeing home

They seem here to stay

Through sheer determination

We will make it through

The voyagers committed cause

Binds us all like glue

A spectrum of survival

Blazes up the sky

Laughter fills the air once more

One triumphant sky

Over hill and round the bend

The journey almost done

Final moments traveled slow

We drive into the sun

Our eyes washed with emotional

Our hearts they beat so fast

Together my friend the road is done

Home lies in the past












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