Our bloody streets

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A snapshot of London life and the pain some mothers face.

Submitted: September 03, 2009

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Submitted: September 03, 2009



A baby’s born, a mother bleeds

New life begins, the infant feeds

Eternal love is born this day

Only to grow, to fade away

The years pass, the mother sighs

A teenage boy, no longer cries

Stripped of emotion by those they trust

Gangland warfare turns their blood to rust

No more tears, no more sorrow

Live for today and not tomorrow

Not a care for others lives

Worship guns, die by knives

Mindless violence, driven by greed

Wings pinned down, cannot be freed

Corrupted angels, commit the mortal sin

Streets have no winners, let the game begin

There are no rules, live by the gun

What happened to the child? And to the fun?

The mother weeps, the vultures feed

Her baby boy, begins to bleed

A senseless death, immortal pain

Upon the streets, another slain

So politicians hear our plead

No longer can we watch our children bleed

Take this pain and end our sorrow

We strive towards a new tomorrow

By Dean Fraser-Phillips

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