The impact of love

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A poem expressing the immediate affect of love

Submitted: June 07, 2011

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Submitted: June 07, 2011



The first time I laid eyes on you my world was torn apart

Never in my life before had such beauty captivated my heart

A smile sent from heaven and those heavenly angel eyes

I had to see if I was dreaming it came as pure surprise

Her beauty is like a ray of sunshine on a dull grey rainy day

I want to hold her tightly in my arms and make her feel ok

I know she has lost in the past love that can never be replaced

But whispering words of love would put a smile upon her face

I would put my life before hers to make all her dreams come true

Kiss her every morning turning grey skies blue

Hold her tightly in my arms sheltering her from life’s cruel pain

If I had the chance to be the man in her life her joy it would remain

Her dreams would become reality her heart I would honor for ever

Love and joy would fill her life the sad banished forever

Distance is nothing when two hearts entwine

Given the honor to be her man to me that would be fine

From the first day I drew breath at the moment of my birth

No woman is as beautiful as her she is an angel here on earth

Serene, beautiful and wonderful that's what she means to me

Never have I seen such love in all of history

I am honored that she exists in time she is sent from up above

She defines the meaning of the purest form of love

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