The Queen Of Fake

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A poem about a man who has his heart broken by the woman he loves.

Submitted: May 06, 2011

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Submitted: May 06, 2011



A life packed up in boxes, a heart left all alone

Did I outgrow my love for you, Or was it never shown?

What happened to that funny man, the one that was your clown?

The one that made you laugh so hard, who never let you down?

I had a dream of us together, through all the thick and thin

Yet you found another heart, a man you let within

Is there a chance I can make you stay? I can pull that funny face!

Hold you close when you needed love, that familiar embrace

Was it that I was too boring? Did the love become routine?

Don’t drive off into the distance, we two are so serene

What we had is irrelevant? Please simply answer this

Was his love for you more than mine, sealed with poison kiss

Your once warm hear is cold now, it has cast my hopes aside

Forget my name as you laugh at me; drown me in your tide

The van drives into the distance, the smoke left in my wake

A decade of life is over, ruled by the Queen of Fake

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