T'was the night before Christmas (Poem on Domestic Violence)

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Domestic violence through the eyes of a child

Submitted: December 23, 2009

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Submitted: December 23, 2009



Twas the night before Christmas

When we children should dream

But all I can hear is Mummy’s loud scream


Daddy is hitting her again and again

This year I hope

That the blood does not stain


Not one of us kids

Dare make a sound

For fear that Daddy’s violence

Would double and rebound


We silently prayed

That mummy would be ok

And that somehow she would live

To see Christmas Day


So please Father Christmas

Tell me if you got my list?

I want Mummy to be safe

From Daddy’s big fist


Can you bring me enough hope?

So Mummy does not live in fear

Let this be the last violent New Year


For I don’t want to wake up

On a cold Christmas Day

To see Mummy in a coffin

Being taken away.

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