Unfair Expectations

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A poem about unfair expectations placed on the young

Submitted: March 25, 2012

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Submitted: March 25, 2012



Just what exactly do you expect from me?
To complete the failures of your destiny
You mapped out my life before I could walk
Taught me to scream before I could talk
My shoulders they carry the burden of hope
I want to fly free, not be shackled by rope

I must do this; I must be a straight A
How about me just doing my best, is that ok?
All of this pressure I need to let of some steam
Don’t strangle my mind before it can dream
Sometimes I maybe that little grey cloud
Yet I’ll always try hardest in making you proud

Not all can be the brightest star in the sky
Yet I am eternal light, because I do try
I walk down life’s path, destination unknown
I don’t need any hurdles until I have grown
Just be my side and support me with love
Be the sun in my life, not the rain from above

I cannot be who you want me to be
I need to find who I am, that much I see
This is my generation, we are who we are
Not bounded by past, or predicted afar
So I give you my word, I will make life my own
Once the roots of my life are finally sewn

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