DavexJohn Traumatized

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John gets raped at school and Dave isnt there to save him. What happens when dave finds out?

Submitted: July 27, 2012

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Submitted: July 27, 2012



Chapter 1

John was sitting at his desk. He loved school and loved everything about it. He wished it lasted all year round and loved to learn. He took out a notebook before class and started doodling.

A girl with wavy blond hair and blue eyes hesitantly walked up to John's desk. "U'um hi John." She said shyly blushing at his name.

He looked up, and smiled his signature smile. "Hi Jessie, what's up?"

She shrugged."Nothing much. Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime? Like as a date."

He blinked and blushes a light rose."Oh. Um, i'm sorry Jessie, I like someone already."

She smiled and nodded, obviously looking hurt and walked away. This is how the worst started.

Later that day, John went to Sixth period and played dodgeball. When he came back from p.e, he smiled and changed happily, while everyone else had already left. He peeled off his p.e. shirt and put on his regular shirt. Suddenly out of no where a boy, tall and muscular pushed him against the locker, knocking johns forhead against it.

"Why'd ya say no to my little sister?" He asked, almost threatening in his words.

John had to think fast, He couldnt just not answer. "I-I like someone already!" Another shove against the locker.

"Your gay arent you, you little shit?!" Another. "Prove to me that your gay Egbert."

"I-I'm not gay -ah!" John was yanked by the hair down on the ground.

"Shut up Egbert you dont get to talk." From out of the bullies bag he took out duct tape, securing John's hands behind him. "Be a god boy John."

"N-no! G-get away!" He pushed away but was grabbed again and thrown on the ground.

"Listen to me, you dumbass, suck this." He unzips his pants and quickly before John can argue thrusts into his mouth, holding john by the head. John lets out little noises of disgust and tears formed in his eyes. After a while of that he throws John across a bench, ductaping his mouth shut and pulling down his pants. "Good boy Egbert. Your so dirty." He gives John a hard spank and it makes John yelp. He puts his hands on johns hip and thrusts deep into John, making John yell in pain and shock. He didnt want this.

The bully groaned and thrusted harder and faster making John cry out and came inside him. "Good boy." He zips up his pants and leaves John after untying him. John had to walk home, limping and bruises covering his arms, but hid them with his blue jacket.

At home he sat down wincing at the pain and logged onto Pesterchum.

TG:Hey bro how are ya.

EB: dave... i just got raped.

TG: dude

TG: your joking right? Because this is one fucked up joke

EB: No Dave, its not.

TG: Be there in 3.

turntechGodhead ceased pestering ectoBiologist.

Dave came to his house and barged inside, going into Johns room. "John."

John looked up suprised and teared up at the sight "Dave.."

Dave, behind his shades looked and studied John, sho was beaten pretty badly and hugs him lightly not wanting to hurt him. "Tell me who is he and i-i'll bea tthe crap outa him alright?" His voice shakes.

"Dave.. i dont know him." He squeeks.


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