Blood Hunter

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After all the trouble Ariella has been through she decides to call herself ellie and try and move on but with the past settling in she finds it difficult. Will her hybrid power help her?

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



Chapter 1: Forget me not

I was always the quiet one. Most would say my mouth never opened but a few months back , that all changed. Communication became my bestfriend and memories were my shield from the obstacles that i faced. I never thought that i could be as strong and powerful as i am today , yet here i am. Ellie Ariella West-Hawl. I finally lived my life with only the fear of being somebody elses nightmare but as i had been told, Vampires were liked for being unique and i was most different , even from the others because i was not only a blood sucking monster but a hybrid. Increased amount of power , Various skills and bigger responsabilties. Although life seemed perfect i still had the evil memories in the back of my mind. would i ever forget?

Chapter 2: Wish list

It had been a few weeks since i first became a hybrid child and i still hadn't got used to the fact that i was no longer normal. School had been hard because of the fear that everyone had of me. They judged me and pushed me away , however they never knew my story or my background. I just wished that one day i would be accepted for being myself and not someone that i clearly wasn't. Is that too much to ask? Am i restricted from showing my true colours? I doubt that anyone would give up their time to get to know me properly but that's what being a vampire is all about. Differences.


Chapter 3: True Friend

I sat in the corner , seperated from the other students who seemed to point the finger of blame at me no matter what the situation. The wind brushed against my face as i heard the girl i knew as Abigail ask the teacher.

" Miss...may i sit next to Ellie? "

My body froze as i wasn't sure what to think of her decision. She wanted to sit by me? Nobody ever wanted to join but i can't argue with someone who was willing to discover my inner person. She walked over and held out her hand

" I'm Abigail Thompson. Nice to meet you "

Her voice echoed inside my head as she sat beside me. I spent the whole day with Abi and that was when i could finally say that i had a friend.


Chapter 4: Broken

Me and Abi were bestfriends and were rarely apart until i got the bad news. I sat in the waiting room , allowing the tears to flow from my eyes as i was lead into the room.

" Ellie...i don't know how to say this to you...we can't be friends anymore "

Her body shaked along with her voice. My body froze , my eyes burnt like a flame whilst she spoke. I dropped to the floor in a mixture of sadness and anger. Why was she forgetting me after all we had been through? Bestfriends forever just wasn't the right way to desribe us

" I only have 1 day left to live "

I looked up at her with red eyes and a pale face. Her smile faded as i regained my strength and left her lonely in the room. I couldn't bare to lose her.


Chapter 5: Forgive me

Today was the day that i had to say my final goodbye's to my only friend. I stood above the brown coffin which was placed in the dirt , covered by roses and letters.

" It is the hardest day today , i lost you and i can't bare it. After all that you did for me , i offer you an apology because i was never the friend that everyone dreams of but i hope that i was good enough. I'd also like to thankyou for all the things you have gave to me. Strength and Happiness. I will miss you Abi and i will never forget you. I hope the angels treat you like you deserve "

Tears streamed down my face as i watched her dissapear under the ground. I spent the whole night by the grave and i never left until i knew she had recieved my message.


Chapter 6: Guilt

As each day passed i began to blame myself for her death. Whenever i was involved someone died. Mya , My mum and now abi. Was i cursed?

" Come on Ellie. Its not your fault " Tayla reassured me

My heart sunk in my chest beneath my pale skin. Christian and Tayla were the only ones i had left apart from my reflection which i never wanted to see again. At school i got bullied but i always smiled because i knew that abi didn't want me to lose my happiness that she had gave to me. I was different and she was the only friend i had , however i wasn't going to let her death allow me to be alone. I kept her with me. In my heart she was still alive , lightening up my day with her warming smile.


Chapter 7: Losing Control

Being a hybrid wasn't always easy. I had the thirst for blood and i wasn't sure how much longer i could control it for. Christian kept telling me to drink , however i didn't want to hurt anybody. I had seen people in pain to much already so i couldn't go through it again.

" I can't. There has to be another way "

My voice almost silent as i begged them to teach me how to control it for longer. My fangs pushed there way through my gums and began to show from behind my innocent smile. Standing in the moonlight , i had to drink. I couldn't go another minute. My thirst for blood had become my inspiration.


Chapter 8: Predator

The grass gently swayed beneath my feet as i rushed into the trees to hide in the shadows. They danced around my cold body before vanishing through the darkness. The moonlight projected a silver glow upon my hair as it cascaded over my cherry lips which were parted , allowing my fangs to extend between them.

" Ellie...Control yourself. Don't lose it "

The softness of her voice pulsed through my veins as i spun around searching for her.

" Abi...where are you? "

" In your head "

It seemed impossible yet so real. Was i dreaming?


Chapter 9: Bite

Silent atmosphere , dry throat and burning eyes. I raced through the trees trying to get away from my evil side , however it chased me. Every corner i turned it blocked me. I couldn't escape it. I just had to. Before i could say anything else , my fangs were sinking into her flesh. She screamed and pulled away but still i grasped tight. Her innocent eyes focused on mine as she begged me to stop

" Get off her! "

They all said but i couldn't. I attempted to stop myself from going to far but it was too late. Her lifeless body lay on the ground in a pool of blood. Hatred bounced off of me as i wiped the remaining blood of my lips. How could i have done such a thing?


Chapter 10: Chasing Hate

The last few days had been full of sin. Abi's death and now this. I had fed and yes i felt much better but i had killed an innocent soul.

" It's ok dear. Your meant to do things like that"

Christian's voice seemed so calm. How could he be so calm after what i had done? I watched tayla drag her body into the forest to hide it but i had to live with the guilt. Everyone who saw me was scared and full of hate. They all backed away and hid inside.

" Please don't be afraid. It was a mistake "

It was no use , nobody ever listened but it was all my fault. I plead guilty and lost.


Chapter 11: Abandoned

It was the last day of school and i could happily say that i was glad that it was all over but as i opened the door to the house i was unaware that i was no longer greeted by a family of Un-natural beings.

' Ellie we can't keep you anymore. You have done us wrong. Rules still matter and you crossed the line

Rule 1# Never Kill Your Prey.

You broke that rule Ellie. Now you must learn
Christian & Tayla x '

The note hung infront of me as i gasped with horror. I had nobody. Just myself.


Chapter 12: Living Alone

Although it was hard to get through each day without family or friends i still made it. I took care of myself and trusted myself when being afraid of leaving the house. I even managed to control my thirst for blood and i have learnt to not drink human blood. I don't know where Christian and Tayla are but i know that if we meet again , i won't trust them. I have lost too much already to lose myself but i am hybrid so the only thing that i could lose right now is you.

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