Golden Hearted

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Lacy Perrins joins Rhodhey high school not expecting to find that when she makes friends with Imogen Price , their would be a dark secret. But she is mistaken as the Darkness unveils what she never believed

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012




Chapter 1: Beautiful is perfect

" ! Come on your going to be late! Lacy Jayda Perrins! "

After moving house 3 times , i knew exactly what i had to get up for but whenever my mum called my by my full name , i knew i was in trouble. My eyes gradually came into focus as i drew back the curtains and allowed the sunshine to caress my face.

" Here's your uniform...quickly! Miss Roberts will be disapointed if your late on your first day! " Mum shouted as she rushed round making sure she had got everything. " first impressions are vital "

I rolled my eyes but in the back of my mind i knew she was right. First impressions were very important , especially in a new school. After slipping myself into the very short black skirt and white blouse with matching stripped tie , it was time for me to spend at least 30 minutes on my long blonde locks which usually looked stunning. I looked in mirror and started brushing my hair but no matter how much i tried , it still didn't look perfect.

" MUM! my can't expect me to go to school like this " My voice echoed through the empty halls as i pulled the clips out of the draw and arranged them carefully in my waves. I made sure my hair was perfect before experimenting with my mascara and eye liner. Finally i was finished and looking beautiful , therefore i kissed the glass , printing a pink lip mark on the newly cleaned pane and walked slowly down the stairs.

Chapter 2: I'm no slut

Pink lipped , black eyed , Peach faced and beautifully dressed , i approached the woman her stood infront of me , mouth wide open.

" Morning Miss Roberts...Lacy Perrins "

She looked me up and down and shook her head in disbelief as she reached for my skirt and lowered it gently.

"Smart and sensible not short and slutty "

I had never been so offended and i wasn't going to let her evil words push me over the edge. I felt a cold chill run down my spine as i noticed that everyone was now staring at me

" Am i that beautiful that your all so intrigued by me. Anyone for an autograph? " I twisted my hair around my finger as i flashed a smile at the boys who looked like they were very interested.

At that moment my mum rushed over and pulled me to one side whilst miss roberts dismissed all the other students to their next classes. My hair blew in the breeze , before cascading over my right shoulder. My Blue eyes glistened in the sun as my mum explained to the head mistress that i wasn't usually like this , although she knew perfectly well that i never left the house without looking like a princess of perfection.

Chapter 3: Imogen

I still hadn't got over the fact that i had been called a slut already but maybe she was joking...she had to be , surely i didn't look like a whore already right? I swung my legs under the chair in her office as she spoke to my mother.

" Your daughter has to promise to never use bad language , offend another student or hurt them , Vandalize the school and follow school policy. for example uniform must be worn correctly. deal miss Perrins? "

Her head turned to me but yet again i was stuck in a dream. The door sepearted me from the hottest boy i had ever seen , however he never saw me so i reluctantly gave in. Her stare alarmed me as i tapped my nails on the desk. With a slight nod , i had just agreed to follow rules which i hadn't been notified of. I watched as miss roberts handed me a clipboard with 3 papers on.

" Sign the bottom of each paper. It's just if you break rules we have proof that you agreed to follow them. "

I grasped a pen and began scribbling my name in the bottom left corner of each paper titled ' Rules of Rhodhay High School '

Just as i stood up to exit the room , the door opened slowly and in walked a brunette haired , green eyed girl who wore a name badge that stated her name as Imogen. Her smile greeted me as her soft voice projected through the room.

" Imogen Price...i am Lacy's Guide for today. "

Chapter 4: Making Friends

The small brunette girl who stood before me wasn't much of a shy one which made it easier to start conversation

" So...Im lacy Perrins...can i ask what you think of me? "

I was seeking answers to whether i was more of a slut. Her piercing green eyes searched me gradually before she opened her mouth and said the words i had been longing to hear

" Your very pretty...Your mum must be proud "

I smiled warmingly as we passed the other students who just rolled their eyes and whispered to each other words of hatred. Imogen walked up to a group of 4 girls.

" Lacy...this is Tiffany , jade , louise and Courtney "

Each of them smiled , admiring my slim figure as i introduced myself with a warm smile.

Chapter 5: Him again

Looking my best was my speciality , however the other girls didn't seem to care about how they looked. No make up , messy hair , skirts below the knee and they all judged eachother.

" Miss perrins! office now! "

The other girls turned around , with cheeky smiles they began following me to her office. They waited outside her door whilst i made myself comfortable in the red leathered chair which was situated infront of her desk.

" I understand this is your first day. But please pull your skirt down! this isn't saint trinians you know "

I glared at her with my pale blue eyes , her body tensed as i reached over the desk knocking all of her paperwork over the newly varnished wooden flooring.

" I don't care whether the school policy says lets all be smart...i am Lacy perrins and i will do as i wish. Understood? "

I could tell that she got my message by the way she reacted. She lowered her glasses to the tip of her nose , her dark eyes pulling me further. Before i could say anything , i felt a cold hand on my shoulder as i turned slowly around i came face to face with the boy i'd be dreaming of.

Chapter 6: Friends?

Dark haired , blue eyed , tall and muscular. His stare met mine as he carefully stepped away to open the door , allowing me to exit back into the corridor where Imogen was waiting for me.

"'ve met my brother jay? "

I was stuck inside a dream but as soon as she said brother , i realised that i had the hots for a relative of hers. Imogen grabbed my arm and pulled me into the cloackroom which at the moment was empty. Her hair brushed behind her pierced ears she spoke calmly

" Jay's my brother...if he asks you to be his girlfriend. Reject him! "

" Imogen...he's perfect "

I had been hoping for this day since the first time i saw him. Suddenly she poked me hard in my arm with her barbie pink nails.

" Snap out of it! you have to stay friends! "

Her words slipped through my mind before leaving through the other ear. I didn't care what she thought. I wanted this.

Chapter 7: Confused

My blonde hair fell behind my shoulders as imogen brushed past me , pushing me backwards.

" Imogen!..."

Jay watched as i turned to him with a smile. His Blue eyes scanned me carefully while i stood infront of me. I was that close i could feel his warmth as he opened his mouth to talk.

" We are going to the cinema should come "

His voice was soft and gentle while a smile appeared on his tanned face. I nodded , looking him straight in the eyes

" Is this you asking me on a date? "

" Maybe "

My heart raced as he placed his arms around me and pulled me in tight.

" see you at 7 then?

My blue eyes met his , however i knew that i couldn't kiss him yet because we weren't dating , therfore i steped back , watching him as he walked away to the group of boys stood in the corner.

Chapter 8: What's wrong?

After school i rushed home and went straight to my room to tidy myself up before the big night out with Jay and his friends , i was slightly nervous because i wondered whether Imogen would be there.

" Honey i am a little worried about you meeting this haven't known eachother very long"

I shook my head and looked at my reflection in the mirror as i fitted myself into the purple dress with the silver sequins. I unclipped my hair , allowing it to fall to my sides whilst i slid the light pink lipgloss over my cherry lips. I considered myself from every angle as being perfection. My mum leaned against the door with a slight smile on her face.

" You look...beautiful "

I looked across at her , before giving her a hug and slipping on the silver heels that i had been keeping for a special ocassion. The time went so slow , however i was still nervous. Did i look ok? was it too much? it was only the cinema and i.... Suddenly the doorbell rang and outside stood imogen and courtney.

" Hi Lacy...we are heading over to the resturant across the street. Do you want to come? "

I was confused , if imogen didn't know about my date with him then maybe it wasn't real.

Chapter 9: You liar

I looked at the clock and watched as it struck 7pm but i decided to go with Imogen and Courtney. I rushed up stairs and changed out of the dress into my denim skinny jeans with my Rihanna t-shirt. As we walked across the street , i heard Imogen laugh quietly.

" What's wrong?..." I asked calmly

Her eyes caught mine as she pointed at jay who was waiting at the door to the resturant.

" look.."

" Casual yes i know...i didn't think a resturant was much of a big deal "

I was never a good liar but i think i passed with flying colours. He lead me inside and sat beside me at the table. Imogen glared at me from behind the menu as jay placed his arm behind my chair. The waitress walked over to our table but before she could ask what we wanted , jay stood up and looked straight into her eyes

" Give the girl a cushion and one of those new glasses that have the heart straw...oh and please make sure the food is perfect for her. No mistakes"

I could tell that she was a little afraid of making a mess of it all so i pulled jay down and reassured her that it was fine. I didn't want all of it. I could feel his evil stare against my skin as he shook his head in disbelief. I wasn't sure Jay was what i wanted anymore. He was too clingy

Chapter 10: Too quick

I would often feel jay move closer to me which made me very nervous.

" Are you scared baby? "

" Scared of what? "

My voice almost silent as he kissed my lips gently. Imogen banged the table which broke up the romance but i was glad she did. His fingers interlocked with mine under the table as his lips parted allowing him to say the words I love you. My tanned face turned bright pink and my mouth dropped open in shock. He loved me. How was that possible? Imogen clutched my arm and pulled me into the girl's toilets.

" Don't fall for it Lacy. Your better than that. You have to trust me when i say its for the best that you avoid falling into his traps "

I splashed cold water on my face and forehead , before returning to the table where there was a pinned note left on the corner that was for me.

' Lacy it might be a shock to you that i have fallen for someone so beautiful and i might not express it very well but your perfect. I couldn't have hoped for a better evening with someone as good as you '

I placed the note carefully in my handbag and left the other girls unattended in the resturant.

Chapter 11: Love me hate you

The next day was almost awkward , everywhere i went i saw him , his cheeky smile projected a sign of true love on my heart but then she came into the picture. The bell had just rung for lunch and i slowly walked towards the hallway with Tiffany and Courtney , however i hadn't got far before Imogen ran up to me and dragged me to the cloakroom , where i saw Jay kissing the new girl who i only knew as Lauren. I pulled the note out of my pocket which i had kept because i knew he would do this to me and i pushed it infront of his face.

" Lacy...when i said i love you...i mean't as a friend "

My eyes burnt like a flame but i decided to ignore the tears that i had been holding back for a while. Lauren grabbed my hair and pushed me into the wall

" You will never be his. Never "

" Sorry to dissapoint you sweetie , i kissed him first "

I spoke with sarcasm in my voice as i watched Jay take her by the hand and lead her towards the hall. Imogen high fived me before taking the note and ripping it infront of my teary eyes. She handed me a tissue as i sat on the carpet in tears

" he's not worth it. I did tell you "

Imogen was right. She had warned me but i chose to ignore it , however now i knew who to believe

Chapter 12: Move on

It had been a week since i had first joined Rhodhay high and it had already been a splash of events , i had been called a slut , took out for dinner , been sarcastic to the new girl and made friends. Imogen was ill today so i had to spend the whole day with Courtney and Tiffany which wasn't that bad. I sat alone in the assembly waiting for the celebration talk to begin

" Today we celebrate the progress each and everyone one of you has made over the year. We thank staff and students for their help in extra curricular. We also say our goodbye's to the ones we have known for a while. But mainly we look back at the highlights of the year and thankyou for your help. So lets begin with our Class Star Student "

I sat there knowing that i wouldn't collect anything , considering everyone thought i was some sort of maneater.

" 10B...Courtney Hawks...10Y ...Lauren Hood....10H...Lacy Perrins ....10E ...Imogen Price and 10R ...Jay Price "

I stood up , surprised that i had been voted as class star but still greatful for what they had done. I approached the stage and waited beside Courtney.

" Well done Lacy.."

" you too "

Chapter 13: He's a...

After school i had to go to Imogen's house to give her the certificate she had won, i also went there because i wanted to see her.

" Hey Imogen...You won this today for being a Class Star "

She took it off me and invited me inside. It was very dark , with no lights or windows which gave me goosebumps down my arms and legs. Her mum walked into the hallway , before running back inside the kitchen and shutting the door

" She's...not good people "

Imogen stuttered frequently , however everytime i asked if she was ok she just nodded silently. She pushed open her bedroom door and led me inside the pink painted room. While she went down to talk to her mum i decided to explore a little so i walked slowly towards to black door at the end of the corridor but before i had time i touch the door , imogen appeared behind me , grabbing my arm she pulled me away.

" Nobody is allowed in there. It hides a secret that only i and mum know "

Her voice stern and serious but still friendly. I glanced at the door and for a second i thought i saw someone infront of it. But maybe i was imagining it

Chapter 14: The burried Truth

A few minutes later , jay ran up the stairs , grabbing lauren's hand. He kissed her and pushed her inside the dark room. Imogen looked at the floor before covering my ears

" You have to go... Before he sees you "

As i left her room i heard screaming which i thought was screams for help but i ignored it. I left the house and ran back home but with many questions i sneaked back into the house and hid beneath the stairs.

" Jay you can't leave her body there...I know you were hungry but..."

I gasped with horror as i heard the words body..had he killed he? I fell to the floor which made the floorboards creek beneath me. Jay ran down the stairs and caught a glimpse of me , moving back in the shadows i managed to knock over the brush which was situated behind me. His eyes glowing , he grabbed me and dragged me up the stairs. Imogen ran out of her room and with a quick flash she pushed him

" Don't touch her! "

His lips dripping with blood he dropped me to the floor , causing me to bang my head on the wall. Imogen kneeled beside me and began wiping the blood that was gushing from my head. He was a Vampire! A Vampire family and my friend was one too.

Chapter 15: Lost Friend

The next day at school , i was more scared than ever but that soon changed when i saw Courtney walk in the gates alone

" Where is Imogen? "

Her faded smile , her saddened eyes gave away a message without her opening her mouth.

" She left...She has gone and she isn't coming back "

" Left? "

" Shes Moved away...she hasn't informed anyone of where she is "

I choked on the tears that i had locked in the back of my throat , however i knew exactly why she had gone. I knew her secret so it wasn't unknown anymore and now she hated the fact that i had seen it with my own eyes. My blonde hair cascaded over my face as i spent the rest of the day alone. I couldn't talk to anyone. I had to find her. She had to know that being a friend means sharing secrets with others isn't included. I knew what she was and she should know that it doesn't change anything.

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