The Figure In The Glass

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Alliya west watches her mother and baby sister die but after going crazy and believing her sister is haunting her inside the mirror is it a dream? She then trusts that her sister wiped her memory , therefore she can't remember anything. She then gets adopted by the evil parents of 12 other children who name her ariella. Ariella Stone

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012




Chapter 1: Too late


I had been imagining this day for so long , every moment seemed so unbearable but it was about to become my worst nightmare. I sat alone in the cold emptiness , my hair blowing in the breeze as i pressed my face against the frosted pane of glass.

" Miss West? "

I turned to face the grey haired woman who stood before me. Her face was wrinkled and her body short and plump. My eyes focused on her for a while before recalling that she would only return if there was something wrong. My body froze as tears rippled down my red cheeks.

" Is she ok? Nurse...please tell me "

She looked me in the eye and shook her head miserably before taking my hand and leading me into the room where my mother lay still and cold. I approached the small bed that hung above the flames with my arms stretched out. I had to hold my only sister. A cold chill ran down my back as i edged closer towards the silence that had filled the atmosphere. Why wasn't she crying?


Chapter 2: The Unborn

Her fragile body lay in silence. Stiff and bleak. I wiped the tears that fell from my blue eyes as i allowed my fingers to touch her. The rope loosened before snapping and i lost her in the burning shadow. I dropped to my knees in sorrow , knowing that i had just gave up the one i wanted. I felt so weak.

" She was already gone my dear. "

The reassurance of her voice echoed through me. My heart pounded against my chest as i glared up at her. I couldn't help putting the blame on the innocent soul that looked down on me.

" You did this! " I shouted in anger. " You made this happen " i added sadly before running out into the street.

I had never expirienced such horror and sadness. Was this normal? I had so many questions but i had no way of collecting my answers.


Chapter 3: Adapting

After dwelling on the past for 2 years i had finally managed to move on. I no longer had a mother or Father and i was still an only child. I had been living with my Aunt Loreene for a while , therefore i had tried to put it all in the back of my mind and concentrate on the life that i was living. It had been 3 years since the death of my mother and Sister Mya Rehanne and i still hadn't adapted to the thought of never being able to address someone as my parents. I would often try and imagine what life would be like if they had both survived. I even attempted to contact a demon that could raise the dead but i guess it didn't work because they never returned to me. Would they ever know how much i cared?


Chapter 4: Searching

I wasn't interested in barbie dolls , make-up , hair accessories or anything like the other girls but i was intrigued thoroughly by mirrors and reflections. I would spend most of my day staring into my own eyes and mirroring my movements. It kept me occupied until the day when i thought i saw her. Her face pulled me towards her until i could feel her breath on my ear.

" You don't know what you have done Alliya " She hissed as her eyes grew large

I backed away , scared of what she was capable of. My body trembled as goosebumps formed on every inch of my skin. I looked back at the mirror to find that i could only see my own reflection.

" I am so sorry...I don't know who you are " I stuttered , unaware of her presence.

Still shaken up i decided to try out the normal girl fashion. Maybe i was just dreaming. Surely it wasn't real , was it?


Chapter 5: Flashback

I spent the next few days putting together the missing pieces of the puzzle. Who was that figure in the glass? I placed her in my mind and focused on every detail of her until i realised who she was. My mouth dropped open as red patches of liquid formed upon my door. I rose up and slowly read the letters that were boldly printed on the wood

' I will get you big sister. because you know who i am '

I screamed and fell to the floor in a pool of tears , begging her to forgive me of my sins.

" Please Mya. I didn't do it. I promise " I panicked.

My eyes shot open as the sweat ran down my forehead , My body froze in position still afraid of whether i was safe. But it was only dream. My sister was dead. She was never inside my mirror but only in my thoughts


Chapter 6: Confusion

Lost , lonely and unloved wasn't a way to describe my life right now , i was just the girl that meant nothing to anyone. I just wished that my mother would return , cradling my little angel in her arms but that wasn't how it worked these days. Aunt loreene had been working all weekend and i had adapted to caring for myself. I could cook and clean but i was never able to feel love. What does it feel like? Would i ever know? My heart raced as i heard footsteps in the pantry gradually approaching me. Louder and louder.

" Alliya...I have a meeting to attend to tonight. Can i leave you alone for a while? " Her silent smile intrigued me as i nodded quietly.

The darkness seeped under the door as she resumed her walk through the shadows. The sweet scent of perfume dispersed in the air as my golden locks cascaded over my shoulders. That was when i remembered. It was never a dream, those dark stains remained in my memory , however i forgot that if you dream the same dream for 3 times it becomes reality. Was she really in the shadows?


Chapter 7: Begging

I arose in the moonlight and so did she , both of us scared of the others reaction. Dancing shadows projected onto each of the walls as her eyes burnt fiercly. Red as blood. I fell into my confusion , begging only to be free from her deathly traps.

" Alliya West...i refuse to allow your love. You will forget. "

Her screams passed through me like a pane of glass as she shattered the reflection and vanished. My mind blanked and i dropped back into the land of nightmares. My life was created by horror , however that was just imaginations. That was all it would ever be. Mya was just the unborn , yet i still believed she was with me. Whether i was still dreaming was unknown but reality was going to chase my nightmare soon and bring it too life. That would be the day i would be afraid of myself.


Chapter 8: Scream of death

The voices surrounded me , the footsteps approached me and i woke. The nurse rushed to my side along with aunt loreene. The softness of her voice persued a silence that i had never intended to feel.

" Alliya...i have some bad news...I have to put you up for adoption because i haven't got the skills " Tears rippled down her tanned cheeks.

Mu cherry lips parted allowing the heated air pass between them as i whispered almost silently

" Who are you? "

Her eyes grew wide as i tried to rephrase it. The words poured out of my mouth and she froze in position , concentrating on my face and that was when it happened. The figure returned to haunt me.


Chapter 9: Lost contact

It had been 2 weeks and still i lay lonely in this room along with many other children who weren't much fun. Everyday i had watched men and women walk in alone but leave with a child or 2. I didn't know my name , my age , my birthday or anything about the figure in the mirror. All i remembered was sitting alone in the waiting room. Just seeking a way to return home.

" 30134 please take a seat at the front desk " The receptionist called over the microphone.

I approached the people i would soon be calling parents. With a shy smile i allowed myself to greet them.

" Hello my name is..." I paused as i tried to remember it

They lifted me up and examined me closely before placing me back on the floor and pushing me out of the door and into the veichle that had been waiting. Was this going to be like before?


Chapter 9: Identification

The journey seemed to pass by gradually to me , however my new parents tried to convince me that it was ok. The chill in the atmosphere sent a shot of adrenaline down my spine as i attempted to make conversation.

" So should i call you mum and dad?...Its all so new for me " Her eyes focused on me as she grabbed me by my collar.

Her hair overlapped her forehead and i noticed that she had bruises all over her face. Was she going to hurt me? Surely she treated children with respect i thought as she pulled my hair and spat at me

" You are now Ariella Stone and i am your mother now shut up "

She forced me back into my seat , pressing my head hard against the window. I started to remember.


Chapter 10: Full house

It took a few days to get to the destination but we were finally there. I was home. The trees peeked over the rooftop as i looked around to find that over 5 children came running out of the house towards me with tears pouring out uncontrolably

" welcome...I am Layriel and you are? " A small blonde haired girl asked.

At first i was unaware of who she was until i realised that these children were all my brothers and sisters. I was no longer an only child but classed as a family member.

" I am...Ariella " I stuttered

Before i could say anything else , i had all the family welcoming me into the home , however i was weary about why i felt so uncomfortable. Was i meant to be here?


Chapter 11: No room

After spending an hour and half introducing myself so Layriel , Baylie and Ryela i finally found myself searching for a room. Each floor consisted of 4 bedrooms and a bathroom but i hadn't found one that was empty.

" No no...your down there Ariella " My mother laughed evily as she pointed towards the basement.

A puzzled expression covered my face. I felt her press against my back before i tumbled down into the darkness.

" Mum let her go! she doesn't deserve this " I heard the others screaming for her to let me go but she wouldn't give in

I curled up in the corner , crying to myself and the shadows that followed my ever movement. If only i wasn't number 30134 maybe i wouldn't have been in this mess.


Chapter 12: forgotten

My memory wasn't functioning very well now that i was locked in darkness everday and night , i was unable to communicate and feel emotions. I tried to remember the last time i had cried or when i felt wanted and loved. I was the youngest family member so why was i the one to be treated the like the most ungreatful? I could hear them up in the pantry, however nobody came down to see me. I could die in here and none of them would ever know. I would often hear Layriel arguing with mum and dad but she would never succeed in making them free me. That was when i realised that whilst they lived as a normal family , i was trapped down here forever with no escape route. After a while i had forgotten how to talk , cry or love , therefore i was never going to be successful in the life that i could of lived. If only i was the figure in the glass. Maybe then i could make them see the evil that they portray.

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