Wind of the Whisperer

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Casey Evans is finding school difficult as he headteacher constantly issues her detentions so that he can touch her. She tries to fight it , in the process having her mother murdered. Will she ever make it out or will he become the whisper in the wind?

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012



Wind of the Whisperer



Chapter 1: Nightmares

I sat craddled in my mother arms with only the sound of her heart beating to sooth me. Her skin brushed against mine as she positioned me on the sofa under the lion blanket that had been given to my mother as a birth gift. She smiled over me with her blonde hair tied back with a lime green bobble.

" Sleep well Casey. The Angels will guard you from nightmares "

She would tell me that every night before i slept so that i wasn't afraid. My eyes shut as her face gradually went out of focus. Dreams flooded into my head ranging from dancing and singing on Xfactor and being a famous horserider. Each dream intrigued me thoroughly , however that was when his figure appeared , his tanned perplection rapidly approaching me. I sat up quickly admiring the atmosphere , my forehead sweating , my breathing changing deeply.

" Casey sweetheart what did you see? "

My eyes blinked , unaware of her presence , still afraid of imagining him again , i began trying to forget my vision as i replied softly

" I don't know. I can't remember. "

" Its ok , you try and get some sleep. We have to talk to your head teacher tomorow "

I shivered as a shot of fear rippled down my spine. The truth was , i had been expieriancing nightmares including my headteacher , he was an evil man but only i knew. I had spent 1 year in after school detentions just because he wanted to touch me , secretly i was afraid to say anything but i couldnt show my fear so i had it locked up which made matters worse.

Chapter 2: Scared of him

The night passed and before i knew it , the sun was caressing my pale face. My green eyes scanned the area before tip toeing up the stairs to collect my uniform. I put on my black pencil skirt with jumper and blazer. I wrapped my hair up in a messy bun , placing transparent lip gloss on my lips.

" Mum where are my shoes? " I asked softly

I heard her footsteps coming closer , yet by the time she came into my room i had already succesfully found my flat dolly shoes and was waiting outside my door with an innocent smile. After an hour of doing hairs and getting ready we were finally on our way to see him

" Mum i feel sick...i don't want to go "

" don't be silly. School is the best place to be "

I panicked as i lay back in the chair , shaking with fear. As we stepped out i saw him walking slowely towards me. He flashed me a smile before roughing up his hair and shaking my mums hand

" Casey...mrs evans. Lets take this to my office "

" Mr Shaw...i really don't want to go inside...can we talk in the courtyard "

His eyes narrowed as my mother jabbed me in the back. I followed him but then he stopped and turned to face me.

" Casey why don't you lead the way...that way i can talk to your mother"

I pressed infront of them both and began slowely walking to his office door , which was locked. His hand came over my shoulder and pushed the key into the door. I sat in the corner of the room still shaking with fear.

" Mrs Evans..."

" me Casandra "

" Casandra...Casey is very talented in various ways to writing , singing and then...after school activities. She puts love in everything she does. Im proud and so should you be. Actually that reminds me...Do you mind if i have a private word with Casey?

My heart raced as she left me unattended with him. His finger traced a line down my neck and back, he leant forward and whispered in my ear with a gentle accent

" You tell her or anybody...and i will make you beg for life understood?"

Chapter 3: Found you.

The next few days went in a flash , yet again i had another after school detention and my mother was starting to get disapointed

" Why are you getting all these detentions? "

" Change my school and i wont. I promise "

Her eyes filled up with tears as she looked me in the eye and with a slight nod , it was a relief at least i thought so until the doorbell rang and outside stood Mr Shaw with a slight grin on his face.

"Casandra we have to talk about your Daughters future. "

He lead my mother up the stairs but even if i stood outside the room i couldn't understand them. I was scared that he would hurt my mum , however when they both exited unharmed i felt relieved. After he left i thought i saw my mother wipe away a tear.

" You have to stay at the school you are in now. You will make great progress and have a great future. You also have a lot of the staff loving you"

" Yes in sexual ways maybe "

Her eyes widdened as she shook her head and kept repeating the same question

" What did you say? "

I looked at the floor with sadness and anger. She placed her arm around my shoulder to reassure me that it was ok to tell her what had happened. I opened my mouth to talk but nothing came out , i was too afraid to talk yet i knew i had to tell her someday and now that i had mentioned it , she had to know now so i decided to let the secret out

" Mr Shaw gives me after school detentions so that i spend more time with him. Within the hour he touches me in places that i don't want to discuss. "

She laughed uncontrollably at first before realising that it wasnt a joke.

Chapter 4: I will get you

The next day in school was confusing , i walked past Mr Shaws office to find that my mum was waiting at his door. She grabbed my arm and pulled me her side before shaking her head

" I have to protect you sweetie. He wont hurt you again "

I ran into the hall as soon as she had finished talking. Later that day i heard her arguing with him , therefore i burst into his office and screamed

" Casey Evans! How dare you tell such lies. I would never do that and you know "

His tanned face turned to me with an angry expression. My legs turned to jelly but i stood my ground

" So i made this up on Photoshop and Movie Maker? "

I placed a cd in the DVD player and my mother watched in horror as she saw him telling me things and making me do things. Mr Shaw pressed the stop button and pushed me into the wall

" Young lady this is not a funny prank your playing. This is more serious that anything i have dealed with so stop being a pathetic child "

My mother pulled him away but he punched her making her unconcious. I fell the ground in tears. I was now alone and scared of what he would do to me. His eyes stared at me and with a cheeky smile he took me to the other room. Unable to fight back i stood in the corner staring at him with a sick feeling twisting inside my stomach. His fingers brushed through my blonde locks.

Chapter 5: Mum?

That night i lay next to my mum , comforting her when she was afraid was my main job but tonight she was afraid and hurt. The cut on her head constantly bled , each time she would push more pressure on the cloth that i had aided her with.

" Casey...if i don't make are the papers for getting you into a new school. I already signed them so all you do is take them to the school with you"

" you will make it! you can't talk like that mum. I'm already scared besides its only a small cut and it's already healing "

I pulled back the cloth , admiring the gaping hole in her forehead. I pulled a blanket over her , still hugging her tight we fell asleep together. I awoke a few hours later by the cold liquid trickling down my arm. I carefully moved off of the sofa , gently moving the blanket i realised that it was blood.

" Mum...mum wake up? mum? "

I lifted her top to find that she had knife wound in her chest directly infront of her heart. I switched on the light to reveal the writing that had been signed on the wall

' I warned you that if you told anyone i would make you beg. This is stage one...dying inside yet? '

He had killed my mother and that wasn't ok with me. I punched the wall before frantically calling 999.

Chapter 6: New school new start

After all the horror i had been through i decided to follow my instincts and move schools. I headed up to the receptionist and handed in my papers. Her eyes looked at as she opened the door and allowed me to look around the school before entering my first class which on this day was maths

" Alright boys and girls quiten down. This is Casey Casandra Marie Evans. Who wants to be nice and allow her to sit next to them "

I attempted to smile but with all the passed horror i had been through , it was extremely difficult. I watched all the students sit in silence as the black haired boy in the corner raised his hand. I walked slowely towards him before sitting beside him and introducing outselves.

" I'm Caiden...I love your name by the way Casey "

His sweetness flowed through me allowing me to place a smile on my face. Caiden spent the whole day giving me a tour of the school , although he had friends he chose to ignore them and concentrate more on me.

" can go with your friends...its ok i will find my own way"

" no. Your and nice to be alone at this stage "

Yet again he had flattered me with compliments. As the day passed i learnt more about him and what sort of things he was into but suddenly i gasped as he signed his name on the top of his english book.

' Caiden Shaw '

I remembered Mr Shaw saying he had a really sweet son who he wanted me to meet. I caught his eye as i blushed and looked away.

" Everything ok? It seemed my name scared you...wait did you move fathers school? "

I nodded and burried my head in my hands after handing him the notes i had been recieving from his father. I saw his reaction as he read them with a worried expression

" are the one my father stayed after school to touch...he came home and said how beautiful you were and how much he wanted you. I'm so sorry but must admit you are beautiful "

I smiled but i was still in panic. Yet again i had to be reminded. would he ever leave me?

Chapter 7: Do i love you?

As the bell rang for hometime , i watched everyone rush home but caiden waited behind for me.

" come on...your parents are probably waiting to hear about your first day"

I looked at the floor , locking the tears at the back of my green eyes.

" I don't have mother was murdered a few nights ago...i have to live in an orphnage with loads of children "

" They let you come to school? "

" Yes...because they said im to old to stop education "

His arms locked around me as he pulled me in tight , gently kissing my forehead he took my hand and lead me outside. My eyes locked on his i finally felt like i loved him. That wasn't possible. His father killed my mother. I still couldn't stop wanting to kiss him but he did it first. His lips gently pressed against mine , with a smile i said the words that i had never said.

" I love you..."

He let go of my hand and watched me walk away slowly but before i got to the bottom of the road he stopped me to kiss me again

" Im sorry but i can't go a second without should come to my house tonight. My father is on a trip to london with the students for a week so don't worry and besides if he ever laid a finger on you , i'll protect you. "

He rolled his sleeves up and allowed me to see his muscles as i laughed and follow him to his house i felt a cold shiver down my spine. Would my mum be proud of me doing this? The door opened and i saw his mum waiting in the door looking at me with a smile

" you brought a friend home Caiden? your lucky your father isn't home else he would kick off "

" Mum..this is Casey Evans...Casey this is my mum Laura "

Her eyes alarmed as she closed the door behind me and asked me to the kitchen so that she could talk with me.

" Is it true? ...My husband kept you after school to touch you? you are real i thought it was a joke but now your actually infront of me its easy to see your afraid "

I nodded scared of what she would say but suddenly she hugged me in tight and locked the doors.

" you are safe here...i will keep you well away from him"

Chapter 8: Stay?

I spent the whole week at Caiden's but i recalled him saying that his father would be back. Laura had been so nice to me and i was greatful , she ws almost like a second mum , however although i wanted to live with them i knew i couldn't

" can live here if you want. Not be my daughter because i know you and caiden "

" but what about your husband? "

She looked at me with an evil grin , before sitting me on the sofa and explaining to me that he was dead. He couldn't hurt me so i was safe. At that moment caiden walked into the house with a smile as he saw me.

" I missed you..."

His mum smiled as he kissed me again. I enjoyed his company and the love his mum had for me , therefore i agreed to stay with them. It took a lot to get the orphanage to agree but after i told them that my mum would rather see me happy than lonely they allowed me to go.

" Caiden...this doesn't make me your sister "

He looked across at me, with a smile he sat me on his knee and began complimenting me for the 50th time.

" If you were , you would be the prettiest , sweetest , lovingest sister ever"

Chapter 9: Can i hear him?

Every night after school me and caiden would walk home together , hand in hand , talking about our future which seemed so close. As we got to his house i noticed the police cars down the street but before we could take a look laura came out

" Its only about the noise...Gareth can't keep his bloody music at a reasonable volume! "

She raised he voice , making sure that he heard her. He heard her loud and clear so he stuck his fingers up which the police arrested him for. That night i lay cuddling into Caiden as he told me about how much he wanted to be a police officer. I turned to face him which made him kiss me again this time for longer. As i looked into his eyes i thought i heard voices.

' Just you wait Casey. My boy wont be this sweet forever '

Caiden looked at me worried. I looked around the room wondering whether i was dreaming it but then Caiden asked if i had heard it too. Obviously if he had heard it then i wasn't dreaming. Laura came up the stairs and was also confused

" We have to get him away. "

Her voice echoed through me as i shaked. Caiden pulled me into his arms whilst laura called her friend who knew alot about spirits. We waited an hour for her friend who finally showed up. She walked around the house examining it carefully.

" Its not a spirit we are dealing with. Its a whiperer. You have to believe that he is not real and stop being afraid of him "

I gasped , how could i not be afraid? he killed my mother and touched me.

Chapter 10: Gone Forever

I spent weeks attempting to forget about him and with Caiden and Laura's help i managed to do it. We all did it together , therefore he was no longer inside our nightmares or house. He was gone and we had to accept that. He was in hell which was where he belonged. I was now preparing to marry Caiden and finally be classed as family. Laura was the best second mum and Caiden was perfect. They were nothing like Mr Shaw which made it easier to forget. I visited my mums grave every saturday with Caiden , he would even bring flowers and thank her but i still don't know why but he also made a speech

' Mrs Evans i know i don't know you and i wish i had. i thank you for bringing up such a wonderful girl who is now to become my wife. I plan my future with her and she is everything. Casey is perfect which mean you were a perfect mum too and i will still adress you as mum. I love you as i love your daughter. You are missed

By Caiden Tyann Shaw

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