Innocence of the Lake

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This is a story based off of a dream I had about a year ago. It is not the bes of my writing but it was written right after my dream. To me it seemed frightening but in your eyes it may be different. I suppose being their is different than reading it. So enjoy and please give feedback.

This story is about a family that moves to a lake and things seem cheerful, for sometime before they turn to the drastic and deadly.

Submitted: August 27, 2010

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Submitted: August 27, 2010



I remember a time when living at the lake house was all I ever wanted. We used to go up there every summer. It was fun up there. Nothing bad ever happened. Everyone seemed to be happy,everyone being my sister my mother and I. Our father had left us back when I was just a child. My sister is a few fair years older than I and my mother chose to never remarry, said it wasn’t right to marry another man when we already had a happy little family.

I guess I always thought the Lake kept use together and sane and never thought anything could harm us when we were there. See me and my sister used to get scared at the city house so when I was about ten years old me and my sis asked mom if we could move here for good. Away from the crimes.  We thought she wouldn’t say yes to use but we gave it a shot.

To our joy and utter surprise she agreed that we could live there. She said she’d home school us,which overjoyed us more, we loved our momma and were glad to hear that she would get to be our teacher and our mamma. Of course though, she would have to teach two different classes seeing as I was the younger one and I hadn’t learn much yet being  ten.

So we packed up our bags and moved to our warm and cozy lake house. Turned out we weren’t the only ones that felt safe there. There were a few other families there that Mom said she would home school their kids as well for free. And they all agreed. All our families got along out there when back in the city there were always families fighting. Our lake house was perfect.

It was big enough for our small little family. Mom had her own room. I was ok with sharing mine with my big sister. It made me feel even safer. So we stayed at our own little lake house. When my sister and her classmates were being taught their lesson for the day I would go outside and play with my classmate. During the hot days we would get in our suits and go swimming.

We all pretended to be fish people and we had to get away from the big ship trying to catch us. The ship was just a big ol’ tree sitting in the middle of the lake. So we had to swim away from it as one of our classmates stood in the tree catching people. If you stopped swimming at any point in time you would have to fake drown.

It was a fun game. The older kids didn’t get it like we did.

I loved being out here.

For five years we all did the same thing every day. I liked having a routine, so did the other kids and parents.

But everything changed when I was fifteen.

My sister got very sick. She was seventeen at this time and it was scary to me. No one had phones or even cars. We always walked to the town when we needed food and such. None of us had money either to take her to the doctors. So momma said she would take care of her and that when she was better classes would start again.

As the year went by, she never got better. And families started to leave the lake houses in fear they would get sick, and for fear that their kids weren’t gonna learn anything for a long time. Momma ignored them.

So did I.

I played all by myself.

I was sixteen now and my blonde hair was starting to get long and wavy. Mom hadn’t had time to cut it lately and I didn’t trust myself to cut it good enough. I started to think though more now that I was older. I had this dream one night. I slept in the living room now to give my sister her privacy. She didn’t want me to see her sick. I honored her request.

Soon we were the only family left at the lake. I didn’t understand the other silly people but then I got to thinking. How did my sister get sick in the first place?  That’s when I went for a swim. And it hit me. No one ever drank water from the faucets here at the lake. Except, I can remember one day looking in through our house window, when I was playing with my friends in the lake.

My momma had given a glass of water to my sister.

Maybe she didn’t know that it would make her sick.

So I ran out of the lake and into my house. I ran straight for my sisters room and barged in, I saw my mom sitting on a wooden bucket. My sister wasn’t in sight. I furrowed my brows and then looked to my mother. Maybe my sister was in the loo.

“Mom, don’t give her water. It makes her sick.” I said nodding my head as I looked to my mother.  “That’s why she isn’t better. The water from the faucet is making her sick.”

My mother nodded but didn’t turn to look at me.

“Yes I know.” She said mixing up something yellow looking in a wooden bowl.

I was about to ask my mother what it was that she was making when she stood up and walked towards my sister closet. The stuff she was making was forgotten on the little tea party table. I titled my head.

I had the urge to walk into the room more to follow my mother but I couldn’t. I just stood still in the doorway, waiting for my mother to come back. She opened to the closet and It was dark, even outside it was dark. The sky was gloomy. I never noticed that when I was swimming. Maybe it was going to rain today. We hadn’t had rain in almost fifteen years. It would be a good change.

I heard a gasp as my mother started to pull something out of the closet. The gasp sounded like it had come from my sister. But why would she be in the closet? It would just be a silly thing.

Well maybe my sister had gotten better and to show it to me they wanted to do something fun and silly.

I figured I should play along with the game.

I closed my eyes.

I heard walking and dragging.

“B-“ I heard the letter of my first name. It was weak and painful. Confused I opened my eyes. I gasped as I looked at the horrific sight in front of me. My body was shaking. What was going on?

My eyes met with my sisters. In her neck was a crowbar. My mother turned to me and took the bar out of my dying sister.

“I know the water makes her sick dear one. That’s why I gave it to her. She’s dying. And I’m killing her.”

I stared horrified at my mother. Tears stinging my eyes.

My mother smiled. My sister was wearing a red shirt type dress. My mother smiled and started to unbutton the buttons, starting at the top. I didn’t want to see what was going to happen , so I turned and ran down the stairs. I thought I was running fast. Maybe I wasn’t going fast enough. Everything was a blur to me. Maybe I blacked out for awhile, because the next thing that I remember was running out of the house.

I turned to look up at the window where my old room was. But my eyes caught sight of the tree next to the house. Up there in it I saw my sister. At first I thought she was alive and looking at me for help. Then I caught sight of the rope. She was tied standing up tall. Crowbar in her neck once more. I cried out, her straight light brown hair fell around her. Her eyes open and staring at me.

I ran. I ran fearing my mother was going to come for me.

I stumbled across an old rustic metal shed.  There was a black woman I had never seen before.

“You need to go away or she will come after you.”

“Where do I go?”

“Across the lake…it’s the only safe place.” The wise woman said.

I looked to the women and then ran as fast as I could towards the lake and dove in off the dock.  The lake was miles long, no stopping or you’ll drown.

They were words that kept me going. I had to get to safety and call the cops. I needed to get my sisters body back.

So I swam, and swam. I looked back once and saw my mother coming out of the house.

I swam faster, and looked back no more.


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