Dear Life: Truth

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This is a short metaphor short story that I wrote.

Submitted: September 17, 2012

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Submitted: September 17, 2012




When I was a young girl there was a crow that was always around my house, sometimes when I needed time to think I would sit outside on the grass with my book and write. I felt as if the crow knew what I was thinking and was always there for support, it even started sitting in the tree next to me while I was out there. The first day it flew down to the branch near me I decided to call it Truth.

One day when Truth and I were sitting outside, there was a new family moving in. They had a daughter around my age, she had shoulder length brown hair and golden eyes that always seemed to be hiding something, so I called her Secrets. It wasn’t long after Secrets and her family moved in before I noticed a creepy black cat lurking around their house; it had the same golden eyes as Secrets. 

One cool afternoon I was sitting outside with Truth writing when I saw Secrets step outside with the cat in her arms. I decided to make a bold move and say something to her. I put my book down and stood up, before I left I turned to Truth and said “either you’re with me or you’re not.” I must have been crazy to be talking to a bird and even crazier to think that it gave me a warning look to stay away from Secrets and her cat, but I ignored the feeling and walked off to Secrets house without Truth.

Secrets watched me walk up her driveway, she smirked at me and her cat hissed. It made me jump back a little. “Don’t worry she won’t hurt you.” She told me with a smile. I took a couple of steps forward and reached out my hand to pet the cat. Just as my hand got close to the cat it lashed out and scratched me, I jumped back and gasped. I had two long cuts along my hand that were starting to bead with blood. Secrets laughed and said “I guess I lied” before she stood up and went inside. I stood there for a moment until I heard a crow in the distance, it was Truth.

After that day I vowed to stay away from Secrets and her cat that had now earned the name Lies, and stick with my Truth.

One morning I woke up from a nightmare of Truth screaming for help. I shot out of bed and ran outside where I found Lies huddled over something. “Get out of here!” I screamed at the creepy cat and there before my eyes I saw Truth lying there, dead.

Secrets never went anywhere without Lies but Lies lived a life of its own and in the end Lies killed Truth. 

Sincerely, Juliette

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Dear Life: Truth

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