Whatever You Are

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I wrote this while listening to Metallica. So this poem is Metallica inspired, and it's my new style i'm trying to convene.

Submitted: November 01, 2009

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Submitted: November 01, 2009



Within the everlasting fog that is unsettling, lies the evil machine that burns

Searing, grinding away at the earth, Power of the wheel that turns

Killing your soul as a dead dropping ghoul, falling from insanity

Drinking blood and rum, Breathing it's own vile profanity

Burn me now before he comes, I can't run away forever

Die!  I'm bleeding to you all, running like a broken lever

It's impossibe to pull, My life is at an end

Stop hunting me!  I'm only your dearest friend

Don't decend you fiend, I'm not finished yet

Take this money, I'll make your blood the bet

You can't understand how I will look, That deadly feel

Tearing your skin away, Your organs can only peel

Gnashing away at the earth, A deadly drill of ignorance

You won't see a life of peace, I hate your proliferance

Burn!  Burn away until there in nothing left to be

Watching your head rolling, Look who I see

Your so surprised!  Good!  You should

Your beautiful now...I knew you could

The only way you make it out alive, My way

So please make yourself at home, Cmon...Stay

I'll spend my mornings bathing in darkness, Metal stripped

Branded, Burned, your dead body I had shipped

You monster that you are, I want to see what youv'e become

Those evil antics I learned, Now i'm much too numb

See all the shit I have, The things I've done

Go ahead whatever you are, Let me have my fun

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