The Boy Who Lived

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My friend...Dylan...was once my friend...but now...he's
changed...and now...he's lying on the floor..dead. *cries*

Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011



There was a boy..he was my best friend...his name is dylan..he's sweet and charming.

Everytime i fell he would drop everything he's doing just to see if i was okay...everytime i looked at him

he would look at me with those beaming eyes..darting at me as if i was his true love.....we went everywhere together...

Until he told me his mother died....He became depressed...he didn't speak to me that much anymore..he never stared at me

like he used to..he never helped me like he used to he would just ask me if i was okay with that glum face...

Now and then he came to school with his arms full of cuts. I Asked him whats the problem and he just walked away.

He never smiled...and he never looked me in the eyes anymore..i feel like i lost everything.

Until he came near my locker and shoved a note into my hand that specificlly said:

Dear Mitsuki,

i never wanted it to end this way.....after my mother died i became

depressed and didn't know what to father blamed it all on me and thought that i

was the one who put the pressure on mom.....all i want to say is, thank you for being

there for me....i will never forget you.....don't ever forget me...keep me in your heart..i love you

~Love Dylan

I Wanted to go chase after him....but it was too late...Dylan was pronounced dead on the news.

The boy who had once lived was lying on the floor in his bathroom...dead...with blood on a knife....

The boy who had once lived...was my best friend..who is now dead...?

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