Teen Relationships

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Lets talk teenage reltionships. I'd like to hear your input and if you are having problems I'm here to help you figure things out. Leave comments.

Submitted: April 20, 2013

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Submitted: April 20, 2013



This is for all the teens out in the world so spread the word…
Guys/Girls relationships are not easy. We are all young (yes I say we because I’m a teenager just like you). We are in middle or High school we have our WHOLE life ahead of us so don’t stress over it. Do what you think is right. If you feel like you truly love a guy/girl and they feel the same way then go for it but don’t rush into anything. Don’t leave your friends the minute you get a bf/gf because when you break up you’ll want to go back to your friends. If you are dating someone that’s great, as long as the feelings are real. Girls this is for you, when you have a bf please treat him right. Guys hide their feelings but deep inside they do get hurt. Listen to what they have to say. And if they tell you something that you are doing wrong don’t let it ruin the relationship. If they tell you it’s because they truly care and don’t want to ruin the relationship. If they don’t tell you but still deal with you it’s the same thing they truly care for you. Now guys, I know you like to hide your emotions a lot of the time but girls want to know what you are feeling. It affects us girls when we don’t know what is going through your mind. Now for all the single teens. Don’t let your eyes deceive you. Just because you see couples holding hands kissing and what not doesn’t mean they are exactly the happiest perfect couple ever. Every relationship has problems. Don’t rush into a relationship because all your friends are in one. To be honest I think that when you are single you have more fun than when being in a relationship because when you are single you are not obligated to be with a significant other. When you are in a relationship you kind of are obligated to spend as much time as you can with your significant other. Guys/Girls when you like someone make sure its because of who they are not because of their looks or what they have. You’ll be surprised to know that looks and features are not all that because if they can’t care for you then it defeats of being in a relationship. If there is a specific topic you want me to post let me know. And if you have anything else to say feel free to leave a comment. I love critics because it helps me improve in my next writing. :P


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