The Legend of the Dinosaurs

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an essay I had to do that I got a 65% on and I don't understand why

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Many moons ago before the earth was round and the land vast, there was a beautiful group of dinosaurs.  The dinosaurs were granted a land so green with waters so clear by Zeus.  The dinosaurs lived in great harmony and love each other.  Taiiwannabo was the mighty leader of the dinosaurs, who was meant only to influence the others.  He taught the dinosaurs to eat the wondrous fruit that grew plump in trees and bushes.

The dinosaurs were kind in keeping the land alive.  They helped to plant and harvest a variety of berries that they loved to eat.  The dinosaurs were very kind to one another.  They were as loving and caring as they were beautiful.  The dinosaurs' scales were made of pure gold.  Their eyes were made of gorgeous sapphires and emeralds.  The scales of the dinosaurs shined when they were having feelings of love or care, making them visible to even Hades, who was the king of the underworld.

Everyday, hades would glare enviously at the dinosaurs' beautiful shining.  Hades felt more lonely and dark with his black and red underworld.  His vile kingdom seemed more and more depressing as he watched the dinosaurs.  Hades slowly became mad from depression and envy.  Once he had brimmed his anger, he sent Hermes to get Apollo, the go of dun, for him.  Once  Apollo arrived, Hades  trapped him in his underworld cell, making Apollo unable to control the sun.

The sun became invisible to the dinosaurs.  When the sun left, the plants grew sad of the gloomy world and stopped supplying fruits.  The dinosaurs cried out to Zeus for help.  Zeus acknowledged the plea and sent Cerberus and Pegasus to help.  Pegasus taught the dinosaurs to eat the dried grass while Cerberus secretly helped Hades.

Cerberus and a dinosaur named Haggret had gotten into a fight.  Taiiwannabo had broken up the fight by descending Cerberus back to the underworld.  Doing so, he had gotten blood in his mouth full of diamonds, staining his teeth red.  Taiiwannabo loved the taste of the blood in his mouth.

Many of the dinosaurs hated the taste of the dried grass.  One of the dinosaurs was Taiiwannabo.  No matter how many times he tried to like it, his craving was growing for more blood.  His urge and wanting finally came too much for him.  He attacked Haggret and they battled to death.  Haggret won the battle, making him the new leader of the dinosaurs, but it had grown too late to save the dinosaur population.  Dinosaurs had started attacking each other.

Zeus looked over this with great displeasure.  He called out to Haggret and told him to stop the others.  Haggret listened obediently to Zeus and tried to stop the violence.  Those who tried to listen to Haggret followed him into the land of tranquility.  The dinosaurs shrunk to hide from the violent dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs across the gray world were killing the weak and following the groups who killed the best.  It seemed to be a vicious game of survival that many dinosaurs lost their lives in.  It was so repulsive that their eyes and scaled grew to match Their game.  Their bones shaped into forms that made them different and unique, making them able to survive the violence.  Zeus watched them from the heavens with a great look of displeasure and anger.  He yelled at the dinosaurs warningly from the heavens that had corrupted the world.  The dinosaurs were too corrupt to know of who they were to listen to anymore, and it didn't stop them from killing each other.  Zeus rained energy bolts of fire from the heavens.  All the evil was wiped from the earth, including the dinosaurs.

The world grew quiet.  The few dinosaurs that were left quivered in fear that Zeus would try to wipe them out as well.  For many years, Haggret and his group lived close to the ground.  Soon, they had changed colors to match their surroundings.  Thousands of years later, mankind found the remains of the old dinosaurs.  Mankind and dinosaurs became great friends.  The dinosaurs told stories of how the world of the dinosaurs grew almost extinct.

Zeus watched as mankind craved to see the beautiful tribe of dinosaurs that had once lived.  He felt terrible for not being able to show mankind such a great beauty.  So, to stop the known existence, Zeus gave mankind back a radiant sun and stopped the dinosaurs from talking.

Mankind never forgot how dinosaurs were the real beauties of the world.  They passed their stories from generation to generation and the stories were made fun of as they got passed down.  Soon, the generations were misunderstanding of their beautiful creations and thought them more as an imaginary monster and a story tale.

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