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This is my piece I provide to you called Played. It's an amazing poem. I hope you all enjoy!

Submitted: February 14, 2013

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Submitted: February 14, 2013




Can I gently lure myself into your life?

Make you feel you’re forever in my arms, when you’re alone in bed at night?

Whisper all the sweet words into your ear until I see you slowly and slowly fall into my deception and lies

Make all things that’s wrong feel so right

May I lead you into my home and gently place you on my bed

Look straight into your eyes and speak words of significant meaning

As if they wore worthless and dead

Can I bring comfort into your heart?

I’ll make you feel so loved and serene

I’ll disguise myself as being the man of your dreams

While I prey on my next victim to control and lead astray

In the same manner I lit up your light blue sky, I'll make it truly dark and gray

Can I drag you into my deceit, forcing you to make me the center of your life?

Can I pretend to love you and untruthfully envision you as my wife?

Portraying to be your blessing,

Disguising the hidden lesson

I‘ll make you fall so deeply in love with me

That you will have to pray with all of your might

For the Lord to bring you out of the darkness and everything vivid and bright

Can I take you on pointless dates and sit through meaningless movies and earn my way between your legs?

Cognizant that this bond means loyalty and trust to you but I’ll take it slow and fuck you instead

Can I make you believe that I AM the man that can protect you from all the hurt that this world can bring?

Then I WILL up and leave you  on a beautiful day without any logic reasoning


Because I seen a woman with more beautiful eyes.

I seen a lady that smelled as sweet as a rose.

I seen a gorgeous woman with a smaller nose.

I seen a lady with a beautiful body and attitude so fierce.

I seen a woman with a smile so bright and hair flowing past her ears.

I tricked you into developing such love for me that, I took it from your mind to love yourself

I display myself as a perfect man, so you wouldn’t go and fall for someone else

Like a thief in the night I snuck in your life in the mist of you lying hopeless

I played your Knight in Shining Armor because I knew you were a Damsel in Distress

Your weaknesses, I feed on until I began to bore myself of fraud

When I seen that love was all you needed

I valuated my hand

Weighed my decisions

And I played my cards




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