Prove to the World

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This poems describes the happiness of Love.

Submitted: April 01, 2012

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Submitted: April 01, 2012




Place your hand in palm and take this walk with me
Lets admire the gloss from the Sun’s shine
The melody of the songs from the birds
And the graze of your skin to mines
Lets walk through life as one, investing every moment in our love
Lets dive and take a swim into a deep pool of trust
Lets wander around in loves den as if we were lost without direction
Lets make endless nights of love and allow me to spend eternity in your affection
Let us sing in sweet unison even when the world comes crumbling down
Shall we listen to each others heart beats and take witness to the world go round
By LOVE by Us.
By reflecting into me and seeing your soul sway in the browness of my eyes
Like leaves it dances to the rhythm of my heart beat
Yearning for your ugly truth instead of the beautiful lies 
Lets swear to an oath under the Lord’s will
Let our love go as high as a mountain and as steep as a hill
Lets us take joy in bringing a new soul into this world
Lets us shout on every mountain top and with the leaves let's us twirl
Lets laugh in beautiful memories of the wonderful times we shared together
Lets us show the world that we can overcome any obstacle even during the bad weather
We can retain shelter
In each other arms
Our love is bound to carry on
No rabbits foot need, you are my luck charm
Lets show the world what its like to be happy to be in love
To parade with a huge smile, lets give them a reason to trust
Let us show the world that everyone deserves joy

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