Sincerely, Your Past

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This poem describes a young lady who was afraid. Afraid to love and afraid to trust anyone due to her past. She let go of her past to love a young man and she took a chance on love and got hurt in the end. This poems describes a broken heart.

Submitted: April 01, 2012

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Submitted: April 01, 2012



Emotions running wild at full momentum, the inability to stop this force is straining me
My conscious is constantly blaming me, all the screams and darkness that’s in this world are aimed at me
I halt with my hands up in full surrender
He carries the hurt from the past love, he’s the true offender
With no doubt, the thief who stole my love then snuck out
His hands were full, he stole everything that I had
Our future has died so now, he is facing my past
I’d given all my love away, how could I be so foolish
He received all my love, then threw it away, how could anybody do this?
How could someone tell you they love you then disappear so fast without leaving a trace
How could someone say they love you, but you can see all the lies upon their face
Yet you pretend that its all kosher but you see it in his beautiful eyes
You don’t wanna face the ugly truth, so you feed into those beautiful lies
The pain is too overbearing so I attempt to run and hide
But theres nowhere to go when the walls closes in, and all I’m doing wasting is time
So Im stuck in this dark lonely place
I’m imprisoned next to these lost souls with blood all on their face
Blood all in their eyes, they reach for me, I try to fight them but I can’t move
And my pride wont let me cry, and It wont allow me to lose
They pull me into this black hole, with muggy mist and shattered bones
This can’t be hell, because I know that God have my soul.
I try to fight them off but they are too strong
My mind is getting weak and body can’t go on
He awakes me and I’m out of my dark horrendous dream
He holds me and brings me into his light
Where everything is so beautiful and seen
So I feel in love with him, he was my night and shinning armor
He rescued me from my terrors and brought me out those horrors
I loved him with all of me, not leaving a split second out
I can’t blame him he’s not the theif here, so I’m calling love out
Love can steal someone’s life, I see it everyday
I’ve committed no crime here yet I still have to pay
I did everything I was suppose to
I never abandoned you even when I was told to
Yet you pushed me aside
All those tears I cried
Stain my shirts, my sheets, my pillows, they’re bleached
From the hurt and pain that’s was held hostage inside of me
And I freed those tears from their shackles and let them run free
I freed myself from my shackles now I have a chance to run free
Run away from ME, I’m the one who I’ve been fighting all these years
I’m the one who didn’t allow my self to love because of all my fears
So I began to runn sooo freee and I‘m running so free I feel so free…..I pause and look back and realize that Something’s got a hold of me
It shouts at me
“Where do you think your going, haven’t I been all you had”
“Now your gonna leave me behind, because of this guy that you think you have”
“You Can’t just up and vanish from me, lets not forget sweetie Im your PAST”
“Whenever you look back, you’ll always see me, ha! you wont last”
“So your giving me up. All because of this LOVE”
“ Your gonna leave me for that, after he took all your trust”
“Go right ahead, LOVE is gonna hurt you anyway, you think this guy will be here for everything BUT trust me I’m here to stay”
“You can leave me, go right ahead but I bet you be back”
“Because soon as that guy abandon you you’ll realize that I’m all you have”
Sincerely, Your Past

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