Visiting Death Pt 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Half of the second intallment in Visiting Death.
Kendra discovers strangely what she is, and the deal with her song.
In the second half of part 2, which will be posted soon, she meets a few new 'characters' so to speak.

Submitted: January 05, 2009

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Submitted: January 05, 2009



Time runs slower when you’re scared shit-less. An hour can seem to prolong into days, weeks, and months…

I was still trying to piece together the events that happened yesterday. The song, Daniel’s death, and the overflow of cash coming my way were just too much to handle.

I did the only thing I could do. I walked. I walked the length of the city until my feet were covered in blisters. I walked until every sore opened, and even then, I still strolled down the sidewalks. Even though the guitar case felt heavy, and my mind was tired, I still let my feet wonder.

My stride halted when I arrived at the site of a familiar apartment complex; to the only place I could rest.

Dow was screaming but I couldn’t hear him. I could see his lips moving erratically, but he was muted to me.

I walked towards him, and with every step the volume of his voice started to accelerate. His anger wasn’t pinpointed towards me today. I interrupted Dows’ hissy fit with a tap on his shoulder.

His palm was inches away from my face when I screamed “NO!”

He stopped, and I knelt down and opened my guitar case, revealing all the cash I managed to come by except for the $1,800 from Daniel.

“I’ll give you all of it if you let me rest Dow. There’s nearly $900 there, all for you. I just need you for 2 weeks, and then I’m the fuck out of here.”

“Kendra, you can’t fucking leave me, I own you! You’re not walking out of here alive.”

I smiled the most sadistic smile I could manage, still hovering over my Gibson’s case and without meeting his gaze muttered, “neither will you.”


“Just move so I can sleep”

I stood up and walked towards the apartment, through the door, and to the nearest room in the 4-bedroom hole in the wall. Anna was sitting on the bed. She was one of Dow’s new conquests. Anna was young, beautiful, and naïve. She didn’t do any drugs yet; she’d convinced herself she didn’t need them. It was still just sex to her. I’d give her another month before she was shooting up like the rest of us. I screamed at her to leave, and she did without hesitation. The walls in here were concrete like the rest of the house, that weren’t insulated. The floors were covered in a once beige shaggy carpet that now looked like someone took a shit on it and smeared crap everywhere for fun.

The only things in here were a mattress on the floor and new linen’s in the closet. I went to the closet grabbing new sheets, and replaced the stained ones on the bed with the new ones. I went to the door after I’d changed the sheets and locked it firmly, and then I flopped down on the bed belly first. I needed to rest, not to be confused with sleep. I needed to relax my body and my mind from everything that’s happened to my life. The last thing I remember as I dozed out of consciousness was Dow screaming at someone, and my craving for a little brown rock.


* * * * *


I was walking on a beach, waiting for the music to begin. It did, and I couldn’t help but walk towards it. The music called to me, and I followed. The voice was coming from the sea and still I pursued. I chased the melody until my body was fully submerged into the ocean, and it was hard to see; yet I could still see the beautiful thing creating this song clear as day.

It was a woman, I think. But it was a woman made of the sea? She was perfect, beautiful, but see-thru and wet. She sang and I tried to sing with her, but I was choking on salt water. I tried even harder, because I wanted her to hear my voice. I tried once more and succeeded. I was singing a song I’d never heard before in perfect harmony. All of a sudden she stopped. She stared at me wide-eyed, frightened almost. After a few moments, a wave cast itself over me and carried me back to shore as she followed.

She spoke when I was lying on sand, and I noticed she’d changed. She was no longer part of the sea; she stood before me as human as ever and as beautiful as ever. She told me what I already knew, but what I needed to hear. She told me what I was, and what she was. She told me Siren’s aren’t supposed to be born human, but she had no doubt in her mind that’s exactly what I was.

“We are creatures of the sea, and of the air. Anyone who crosses our path will surely die. Our emotions give us our strength, and our silence gives us our demise. We visit you in dreams and in life, for anyone who hears the Siren’s song, must perish.”

“What do you mean our emotions give us strength?” I asked confused.

She smiled at me, and said “Siren’s songs can vary indifferently. Siren’s can sing without killing, but to do so is to sing without emotion, which is a difficult thing. It takes centuries of practice to achieve this skill. There are only three I know with the ability to do so. They are The First Siren’s, Leucosia, Raidne, and Peisinoe. If you ever meet their path, do not cross them, for they are the only Siren’s who can kill another of our kind.”

I was confused. I’d been singing my songs for years, and only recently I wrote a killing song.

“What is your name?” I asked the beautiful woman.

“I am Melsone. And may I ask yours?”

“My name is Kendra. Can I ask you one more question?”

She smiled at me again. Her beauty was absolutely amazing. So much so that I almost forgot the most important answer I was hoping to find from her. I shook off the temporary euphoria she was casting over me, and I asked my final question.

“You said it takes skill to manage you’re emotions to be able to sing without killing, but only yesterday I wrote a killing song. Why is that?”

I saw a flicker of fear flash across her face, and in the same instant it was gone, replaced by her gorgeous smile.

“That my dear, I do not know. But please heed my precaution. It would not be a wise thing to say to anyone else. You will attract other Siren’s in your world now, and if one of them is ever The Siren, they will not like the idea of you occupying a gift they thought to be unique to only them. With that I leave you.”

Melsone walked gracefully back toward the ocean, the water touched her heels and the second it did she was gone, once again one with the ocean. I was left on the beach alone to think.



* * * * *

The second I opened my eyes everything seemed clearer. Every color I saw was vibrant, and crisp, then I noticed I was sopping in sweat. Wait, no. Not sweat, water. There was water everywhere. It flooded the entire room at least an inch, and completely soaked through my clothes and the bed. Was I completely delusional? Or am I really a Siren?

I suppose I’ll go with the second thought, seeing as my room is covered in fucking WATER!

I grabbed my guitar case and got out my notebook and pencil (that I keep incase I get inspired to write songs), and wrote down everything about the dream for fear that it might slip away. After I jotted down every detail from the names of The Sirens Melsone gave me to the ‘thing’ she was, I ripped the paper from my notebook and stuffed it into my guitar. I didn’t want anyone to read it except me. 

“KENDRA!!! What the hell is going on? There’s water everywhere and I swear to god if you did this I’m kicking your ass. Open this door now!!”

Dow was outside the door jiggling the handle. I could taste his frustration and I could smell that he was planning on taking it out on me, whether I was to blame or not.

I walked to the door unlocking it, and went to sit back on the bed. Dow came through the door, and shock ran over him. He noticed the entire bed was soaked, along with the floor. The closet door was open, and he saw that even the brand new linens were drenched.

 I could see rage in his eyes, but he was hesitant to act. He had no idea what had caused this flood. A few moments passed before he did anything. I was ready for the blow before he gave it. He walked quietly over to me, and punched me square in the jaw. The moment I felt his fist and my face connect I heard a loud pop, and then a fire of pain burst from my eye down to my neck. I couldn’t close my mouth, not only because it hurt like hell but, because I couldn’t. My eyes started to water, and my cheeks began to swell. I stormed out of the room and down the hall to the grimy bathroom. Cockroaches covered nearly every inch of the filthy bathroom. I went to the mirror and couldn’t believe my eyes. My jaw was hanging open, crooked. My cheek was already bruising purple, and my face looked disoriented. Here I was; A damn siren, feet covered in blisters with a broken jaw. If I could move my jaw, I’d sing to Dow all night. Unfortunately I doubt I can even talk. But when I recover Dow will be the first person I intentionally kill with my song.









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