A Day of Alice in Wonderland

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Enter the world of Wonderland as the character Alice. This twisted and darker version of Alice in which you meet Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Red Queen, and so on. Alice's favourite past time is having tea, and her favourite form of entertainment is playing with the Red Queen's toys. She is the only one the White Rabbit is loyal to and the only one who the Mad Hatter actually listens to. But there is so much more to this simple world of Wonderland.

Submitted: January 01, 2012

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Submitted: January 01, 2012



“Are you in pain, Alice?”

“Shut it, Hatter.”

The Mad Hatter chuckled. He was always that sort of person: one who enjoys another’s pain, one who lives for the thrill. But it was no mistake that he had survived until this day. What a shame that was. He always made fun of the pain which I was suffering, and always enjoyed it, with absolutely no regard to human feelings. He, in a sense, is a demon. But then, isn’t that the case for all of us? We are not human. In terms of physicality, our essence is that of a human, and just like other humans, we die. But the difference is that when we die, there is no record of it. We disappear like dust or sand in the wind. One moment it’s there, another it’s already swept away and gone with the wind. Our existence simply vanishes.

Our world is called Wonderland, a form of control in the world, with no other stronger form of government: no presidents or chancellors. At least, this is the case for our country. We ambush other countries and we make them our own. After all, that is what we’re best at. We exist for the people, and the people who survive are merely toys. Although Wonderland is perceived as the ultimate paradise, this utopia is nothing but a scandal.

The Mad Hatter isn’t the only one in our little group. The group consists of the Mad Hatter, the inconsiderate bastard which I explained before, the White Rabbit, a disloyal brat who is strangely loyal to me, the Red Queen, A middle-aged hag who loves to torture people, the White Hare, a young companion of the Mad Hatter who considers himself a rival to the White Rabbit although it’s only himself of whom considers it true since he’s already a teen, the Door Mouse, a scurrying old messenger-man who never fails to find anyone or track anyone down, the Duchess, a cross-dressing old man who earned the eternal disgust of the Red Queen, the Cheshire Cat, a playboy scoundrel who happens to also be a masochist, and then there is Alice, the main character of the hypothetical story named Alice in Wonderland and the main commander and judge of this group. That particular title is mine.

My name is Alice. There is no other name which I have besides the fake names for whenever we enter another country. But nonetheless those names are fake ones. No one ever called me by a different name before. We all wear different clothing, whatever suits us. Last I heard, the Hatter made his own clothing line or something. That was a few months ago, I believe. I’m not surprised. He was always one who wanted to increasing productivity. In the end, all he wants is entertainment and an endless supply of money. So like him. A completely greedy bastard. But that’s the same for anyone else. Anyone can be greedy bastard, even me. Perhaps, the greediest person is me. Or so the Rabbit said to me.

It was while we were playing chess, a new game which he requested I buy for him. He always was beating me in whatever game I brought. Perhaps was it because I always lost that I’ve earned his trust? I’m still clueless as to what he thinks. No one but the White Rabbit knows. Out of all of us, he is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met. Even smarter than his father with whom I’ve worked as a child. I know that he shouldn’t talk because of my current statistic of losses against the Rabbit. After all, whoever he plays with always loses. That fact has not changed yet and will not change. It was after the seventh round of chess and he set the checkmate. I was speaking to him regarding the recent clothesline which the Hatter set, and even though the White Rabbit rarely speaks, for some reason, he spoke this once. He said in his grand and high-standing tone,

“I personally have no regards for his clothes.” He said. “But he’s greedy, just like the rest of us. Not as much as you, but he’s still greedy, which is why he’s willing to work with this.”

“But you’re much greedier than the rest of us. There is no way to end the listless amount of hunger which you hold.” He smiled. “The question is, how much are you willing to lose with all that greed? How much are you willing to sacrifice?”

And I said,


And the White Rabbit grinned.

“I would like a different game next time.” He said.

And then we went for tea.

I always have to make time for tea. Tea is important to the Mad Hatter particularly. For some reason he is completely obsessed with tea. Well, from the words going around it seems that the recent export of tea is particularly strong. But there was no mistake as to what would be shipped to the other countries within those numerous amounts of boxes. It’s simply plain as to what is within the carts. It’s simply not being said.

After all, that is the business of the Mad Hatter. He’s supposed to be Mad, so there is no reason to be surprised that he’s trying to make others mad. The entire group always knew that he was addicted to a new substance he calls White. He named it after me, he said.

If it’s really that good, perhaps I too should recommend it to others? For the sake of production perhaps? Like the White Rabbit said, I’m greedy.

It seems to be strange since I’ve already mentioned greed many times, right?

But Greed is important in our society. Everything is formed through this Greed. Our communities and our very country itself is composed from greed itself.

Does it seem much comparable to yours?

Perhaps it is true that this country is different from other ones, but it is true that ours is still a country. Ours is still a community, regardless of what others say.

Shall I lay out the schedule of my day?

In the morning, I generally wake up early. Not because I am an early person, but because I must make myself presentable for tea. I have morning tea with the Red Queen, then tea with the Duchess at noon, tea with the White Rabbit in the evening since he can’t stay up late, then tea with the Mad Hatter and the others in the late evening. But don’t worry. My schedule is not always composed of just tea. This is just one of those days in which I must frequently excuse myself is all. The schedule often changes as to what I want to do, or what needs to be done. For example, if it was before an attack, then the schedule would completely change. For it if was before an attack, I would likely have a group meeting in the afternoon since the White Rabbit cannot wake so early in the morning. I must respect his wishes, after all. Not because he is a child, but because I respect him and would like for him to attend whatever meeting he must attend. If it is a group meeting then everyone in our Wonderland must attend, after all. That is the purpose of the group meeting.

Although, I admit that it is a hassle to deal with the constant arguing which occur within the group meetings. I always get a headache. And the Mad Hatter always becomes so delighted. Which is the very case at the moment.

Wonderland has recently been invaded by an unknown force, and it is necessary that an immediate group meeting occur.

But the Mad Hatter is arrogant, and the Red Queen and the Duchess never stop arguing, the White Hare never stops to consider that the White Rabbit never considers him a rival, and I, out of this council must be able to take control. While the Mad Hatter started to laugh to no end, my anger spiked to my head. Let me assure you that I am generally quite a considerate and cool individual who has a bit of a temper. Although the Red Queen will no doubt say otherwise.

At least the White Rabbit was quiet in his seat, even if he has a full scowl in his face. I lightly touched the tea cup in my hand, drank the rest of my tea in the havoc, and threw the cup and dish down the center of the long table. The china shattered into small pieces with a resounding crash causing for everyone to flinch. I always manage to break at least one piece of china in a group meeting. It would a miracle if I ever see the day when every single piece of china manages to survive within one group meeting. I have yet to see that day.

I half stood from my chair and said,

“Massacre them.” I said. “Red Queen, you will work with the Duchess regardless of what you say. White Hare, you will join them as an escort since you would have received the information regarding the critical foundations. White Rabbit, you have my approval to play with the computer systems to annihilate them but I want the information regarding the traitor. Whoever they are, they couldn’t have simply entered without a traitor opening our gateway. Cheshire Cat, perhaps you would like to look for their main storage? Door Mouse, you will wear their uniforms and destroy the foundation from within, starting with their main ranks. I know you can all achieve this easily.”

I glanced over at the Mad Hatter. I sighed.

“You may do as you wish.”

“But of course.” He smirked. “Anything you command, Alice.”

Such an arrogant man, so absolutely certain of his pitiful charms and character. Although it may be true that he is well liked by females and even accepted by the Red Queen and the Duchess because of his supposed male charms, those charms are useless against me. Although it is true that he may be considered handsome, if he was useless then I would have thrown him away nonetheless. My pawns must be those who are useful to me. If anyone of them were useless, I would throw them away. That’s the kind of person I am. Should I give a good example? When there was a war which occurred a few years ago, the father of the current successor to the Rabbit had died. He was foolish and made a mistake of giving mercy to the enemy. The enemy holds no consideration towards us, so why should we consider them? The White Rabbit position became empty, just like the other positions excluding that of the Door Mouse, the Red Queen and the Duchess were inherited through the family bloodline only after approval was given by me. The only other position which was lost from the mistake caused by the former White Rabbit is mine. I entered the position and inherited the name of Alice after my father’s death because of a single mistake. That single mistake which caused such chaos, I would make sure that it never happens again.

Perhaps it was because of this reason that the White Rabbit only accepts me. Not that I would distrust or hate that fact.

Even though I was the one who inherited the seat after the approval of the former ranks, I had to fill the position of the White Rabbit. The only reason why Alice was found first is because Alice is special, or so they said.

So I took the position, entered the ranks and began my search for the next White Rabbit. There were many volunteers for the position, and it was a hassle to consider each and every one of them. Their records were indeed impressive, for most of them, attending a high standing institution famous within Wonderland, but when I went to interview them personally, all 255 people, something within me did not click. They were lacking something. It wasn’t the passion. It was the eagerness which irritated me. Their eyes stated that they were eager to take on the position and make sure that everyone is protected. But what a hassle. I didn’t like them. They all came to me. I went through the list again and noticed that there was only one person who did not come to me was the son of the former title. I still remember the slight anticipation when I visited his home.

And my anticipation was correct.

He said everything to deny the position. I asked him why he didn’t come by. He claimed that he didn’t want to die an unfitting death like his father. His father’s death to be considered as unfitting? Was it because of honour? I asked him if the problem was because of honour, why he didn’t come by. He answered, It wasn’t because of family honour but because of himself and he himself didn’t want the position. Then I asked, If you were in your father’s position, would you have spared that person? He looked at me straight in the eye and scowled.

“Hell no.”

Is what he said. There was something in those eyes which I liked. The anger. The determination. Not any kind of pitiful eagerness. He interested me. Regardless of the fact that he was still of the tender age of ten, I wanted him in my ranks. I forcibly made him take the title. Out of the 256 people, all fresh young men, I chose a child out of my own choice. And I never regret it. The boy does fear death, and he will do anything and everything to be able to survive. I saw darkness in the boy’s eyes. Just like my own.

It was in my own greed that I wanted him. I accepted him because of who he was, not only because of his knowledge and intelligence.

Don’t underestimate me. The very reason in why he was even existent in that record of 256 people is not only because he is the next in line of the family bloodline, but also because of the amount of knowledge which he holds. Anyone who is on the list has considerable skill and knowledge. And let me tell you, his name was on the top of the list. He is a child genius. But you already know the main reason of why I chose him. It’s neither the reason of him being a child nor him being a genius which caught my attention. It was because of his strong eyes which knew the taste of darkness. How do I know?

Well, let’s just say that one always knows another. When we experience a similar event, the stain is always evident. No one knows how or why. We just know.

Indeed, it is strange since I have never met this boy before, and he has never met me, and we only know each other through stories regarding different families.

My family consists of my father, my occasional mother, and me. By occasional, I mean that I don’t really have a mother. I have a biological mother, but she and my father often fought. From what I’ve heard from family members is that my father can be quite violent. But well, I’ve already learned that on my own. He’s a strict father who wanted for me to be the perfect daughter. Well, I was naïve, and I strived to achieve just that. I was perfect to him, in every way. An intelligent, talented and quiet daughter of the bloodline of Alice.

But at home, I was regularly beated, constantly called corrupted and dirty, and somehow, it seems that no matter what I did, it was never an achievement.

Did you know? Corrupted children eventually become corrupted themselves. I became corrupted.

Ah, I recall that in fact, there was one time that the two of us met. But it was when we were both quite young. I was around seven, I believe? Our family was invited to a formal party regarding the White Rabbit. A son was born in the family. The son born then, is the very same child who is my White Rabbit. My age? That’s right. I’m a fresh seventeen year old. But don’t worry. I know how to deal with things. Like I said, don’t underestimate me. I’ve already seen death and I’ve experienced pain. Now it’s my turn to control it, don’t you agree?

The world of Wonderland is composed of five different areas. To the Northeast is the Palace where the Red Queen resides, in the Northwest, there is the open Square where the Duchess lives, in the Southwest there is the Mad Hatter in his Alley, in the Southeast there is Alice in the Gates and in the middle territory of Wonderland, there is the Grounds which is the only neutral area within Wonderland. Of course, this is also the place where the group meetings occur. Strangely, after I requested a tower be constructed within the middle of the Grounds to be able to witness any invasion of Wonderland before it truly enters the city, the people in the communities began calling the neutral ground the Watch Tower. Who knows how they name these things.

It is in these times of war to which I am reduced to large amounts of stress. And the citizens simply add to it. Just last month, they protested and requested that a neutral judge be constructed. So it seems that Alice isn’t neutral anymore? I motioned for the group to be silent although the air was already quiet from the shattered china. I said,

“The people are rather noisy regarding the Watch Tower.”

They simply glanced at each other. I settled back into my seat.

“They say that we should create an additional position.” I explained. “They call him the Watchmaker.”

This caused a slight uproar around the table. The Red Queen spoke up.

“Those petty people dare to question our authority!” She snarled. “They should be grateful most of them are ever still alive! They are steadily rising up and call for a dismantled position! They have no right to be called our people! Off with their heads!”

“Please, Red Queen, listen to what you’re saying!” called out the Duchess in a cracked high-pitched voice. “Death isn’t always the answer! Reconsider and try to keep people’s heads on! Not everyone is pleased to see heads roll.”

“People who question the authorities of the position should at least be punished is what I’m thinking.” Muttered White Hare, raising his shot gun in the air. “The very new position which they are trying to create will no doubt be exceeding that of ours! There is a risk of diminishing our voices! It cannot be allowed.”

The White Rabbit simply glanced over his cup with narrowed eyes. He sipped.

“I’m fine so long as there’s death and pain!” squealed Cheshire Cat. “I wonder if there’s any pain involved with this mess.”

“What say you, Alice?” grinned the Mad Hatter.

The members of the position all turned to see my reaction. A servant replaced a new cup in front of me. I had raised my cup of earl gray to my lips, but lowered it. I entwined my two hands, lightly laying my face on top. I raised a brow.

“Duchess, you say you don’t want heads to roll.” I mentioned. “But you’ve never said you didn’t want people punished.”

“I’ll take it that you all agree that the new position not be formed?”

There was a curt nod from the members. I smirked.

“But I personally like the idea of a Watch Maker.”

The Mad Hatter began to chuckle nonstop and the White Rabbit gave a slight twinge of a smile as he raised the cup to his lips. The Red Queen, as expected, refused to sit still.

“You mean to say that you agree with these people uprising against the position?”

“Nonsense, Red Queen. Surely you jest.” I lowered the cup with a small click. “But don’t you agree it’ll be fun to compose a new position? After all, I doubt you have much to worry regarding an uprising. Simply make it a position the elected will completely dread. Besides, don’t you agree that it’s been some time since we’ve done anything fun?”

I could see the Red Queen wavering. She, as a complete sadist, rarely had much time to fully enjoy any of her toys. And last I’ve heard, she had a new crateful of such goods. I must get a taste of the goods myself.

“Remember that this war will end quite soon. The enemy forces are rather weak. They haven’t even tasted a full percent of what we truly are.” I said. “After everything is done, life will return to the very beginning of the same boredom which you were forced to suffer. Don’t you think it’ll be worth some fun at least to try? You want a taste of fresh meat, don’t you? Not some cold cut meat stored for over a few years? It’ll taste rotten.”

Her eyes grew dazed. There was no doubt as to what she would be dreaming about tonight. I leaned back in the large chair. By watching the positions around the table, it seems that the situation was finalized. So I stood.

“Get some rest.” I said. “We move at dawn.”

I do believe I’ve already mentioned that I’ve seen blood and death before. Well, not the blood part, but isn’t it natural to see blood if your father is brutally murdered as a result of war? The killing would be sloppy and messy with blood splattered over documents and spreadsheets and overall, a completely indecent murder. But in a way, perhaps that was the very murder which he deserved. But who am I to say such things?

A Watchmaker, huh? I suppose that means that he would be one who controls time? Or something like that? Since this is Wonderland, such a position isn’t hard to make. But choosing the person would be such a hassle. One wrong choice and the entire world may be cursed. So whenever a new position is being formed and initialized as a formal and absolute position, it is essential that certain restrictions be placed. This process will be a pain, not to mention that it’ll be a risk, but it has been a while since I’ve been recruiting for new positions so it should be fun, don’t you agree? I look forward to it.

Within the deep chambers of my dark room, I pulled on my clothes which the maid no doubt would have set. Whatever servants of the household exist, they always remain hidden unless ordered otherwise by their master. I pulled on the black clothes, combed back my long black hair, pulled on my silver watch to my left hand, checked my light golden bracelet on my left which I never pull off, pulled on a black long coat and high black boots, grabbed my black ribboned top hat and walked out the door. It was already time to meet in the Grounds. It seems there was only enough time for a late night tea and bath before leaving. Such a shame.

The long table and chairs were wet from the late night dew. They were in no condition to be sat in. And I wanted to rest a bit more before we left. Oh well. The front lines were in the Square, and I’m sure that since the Duchess was far too considerate, he would make sure that “no heads roll.” Pathetic. I’ve detested that weak quality of his.

But it was interesting to keep such a weak person in the group. After all, it was a fact that the Duchess can be strong when he considers it absolutely necessary. Of course, that means that he has to become emotionally involved and the war has to become personalized for this to occur, but it’s so interesting whenever you see it. It’s a form of entertainment for me. In this regard, perhaps I am indeed similar to the Mad Hatter, but the level of entertainment is much deeper.

Of course, I’m not willing to say how.

The White Rabbit found me. He approached me and stopped short with around a metre of distance between us.

“Will you not go?” He asked. “They won’t move unless you’re there.”

With a smirk, I turned.

“Of course.” I answered. “And you, White Rabbit? Will you attend?”

“But of course.” He said. “Otherwise the Red Queen will destroy everything.”

I chuckled. Complete annihilation was the Red Queen’s favourite game. She always loved to paint everything in her favourite red colour. The same was the case for her pretty red castle. Often or whatnot, there were bodies painted red hanging from the ceilings or the chandelier composed of red crystals, or red blotches in her private room filled with toys. The servants are always trembling in fear but what is there to fear? It’s so much fun to either watch her play with the toys or enjoy it yourself, or watch her prowl around with her long sword at hand, cursing aloud that one of the red blotches stained brown. I particularly look forward to her clothing today. For it is often the case that she wears her frilly red dresses, but whenever she is highly agitated or angered, or before it is time for war, she wears a red military outfit which I find absolutely lovely. I do wish that she will request her fitter to make such a lovely uniform for me as well. I can only wonder how it feels to carry around a sword rather than a gun. I reached inside my long coat for my gun. No matter where a position is, and no matter who they meet, regardless upon whether they know the person or not, you must always have a weapon. That is one of the critical rules for our members.

The Red Queen loves to slice and dice people with her long sword, the Duchess carries around his double daggers but only uses one unless he becomes enraged, The Cheshire Cat simply adores his collection of grenades, the Door Mouse loves his supply of sniper guns, the White Hare prefers a clean supply of electronic bombs rather than grenades, and I’ve recently taught the White Rabbit how to play with guns. I found that he’s quite the decent marksman. Although he seems to find the old fashionable ones fitting his taste. It must be the small size which perfectly fits his small hands. And although my hands may be the same size as his even though I’m older, I’ve found my preference goes for a larger handgun. Much easier to deal with. Not at all messy like a shotgun or the occasional machine gun which the Mad Hatter brings in. Both of them are interesting guns, but they never gave me the cold, clean death which I wanted. I do admit that I do like the colour red at times, but my personal favourite is black. Too much red does give me a headache, which is the case whenever I visit the Palace. But her toys are still fun to play with, so I forgive her every time.

They were prepared with their separate weapons in hand. It seems that the Mad Hatter chose his trusty shot gun today. I can only wonder how many bullets he was hiding under that overcoat of his. Not that it mattered. They watched me as I approached them, accompanied by the White Rabbit. I smiled.

“It’s time.” I announced.

It was a slight bit after dawn when we began our little rampage. Or at least the others went on the rampage while I merely got to trail along without having much to do. Do you know what the greatest shame is? The group was so small and weak that it wasn’t even worth the effort for me to raise my arm. Therefore, the overall situation was boring. A mere hundred easily wiped out by the other hands. There was no need for soldiers for all I needed were the members and their weapons. At least I initiated the attack with one gunshot. Just one. Nothing after that. All I could do in my sorrow is watch as the pile of bodies began to increase, regardless whether it was caused by bombing with people crying out for their legs or whether they were pursued by the Red Queen and begged for their lives, it didn’t matter. They would all be killed in the end. That is, until something unexpected happened. Out of the small force, there was a young man who dashed directly for me, with a gun in hand. The others were too busy dealing with a sudden ambush. It seems that the enemy forces weren’t completely stupid or boring as I’ve thought. But nonetheless, my assistance wasn’t required. But this young man who foolishly ran directly towards me with full hatred in his eyes sparked my interest.

The White Rabbit was about to step forward, but with a fully amused smile I shook my head. The White Rabbit hesitated, but turned away.

And the young man passed through as he raised the gun. He pulled the trigger. I tilted my head just as I heard the click. A bullet scratched my cheek. And the Red Queen became overly excited and destroyed the young man. It seems that my blood has the strange quality of upsetting the Red Queen. Even after the young man’s head was chopped off and a lovely blood colour flew into the air, the Red Queen continued to chop and dice up the remains, huffing loudly in a strange and furious rage which I have seldom witnessed. Only such a rage occurs if she sees my blood. No other blood has the strange quality. Cautiously, the White Rabbit approached the Queen catching her arm before the long sword did anymore damage. Well, I suppose. This is enough for now. The Red Queen regained her self control by seeing the mess she made, and she began to scream. Too much excitement, I suppose. About time that I intervene, it seems. I smiled. From the seat made of collapsed bodies, I stood and approached the Red Queen. And I slapped her full and hard in the face. At least she became sensible enough to remember why she was here. I glanced at the Mad Hatter.

“Take her.” I said. “I think she’s had enough for one day.”

The Hatter pouted. I noticed the White Rabbit staring at me with surprised wide eyes.

“What, have you had enough as well?”

The White Rabbit blinked. He shook his head. The Hatter grumbled as he forcefully tugged the Red Queen’s nape. I almost laughed. If the Hatter tugged any harder on the nape fur, then surely the red fox fur would rip off and the Red Queen no doubt would chase after the Mad Hatter’s head. And how fun that would be, to see the Red Queen in her military outfit chasing after the Mat Hatter with her long sword. I can already imagine it. I look forward to such a development sometime, I hope. Another explosion. The White Hare really should relax sometime soon or I would personally make him.

The Door Mouse appeared, dragging a body behind him. There were bloody splotches on the body, but they appeared to be no visible wounds on it. Likely, it is my hostage. But another hostage was brought by the White Hare. What to do? Which one is the better hostage? I glanced at the White Rabbit.

I motioned for him to step forward. He knows what to do in such a situation. Although I know how to deal with it myself, I am far too lazy at the moment after sending off the Red Queen. And besides, I already did my role in calming the Red Queen down. It would be rather inconsiderate for me to step up again. Besides the fact that I’m lazy. The White Rabbit pulled out the Mustang pistol I lent him and aimed at one hostage, then the other. One of them seemed to be unconscious and the other pretending one flinched. A complete idiot who can’t even fake his death. My eyes narrowed. The White Rabbit saw my reaction and pulled the trigger on the faker which was the White Hare’s hostage. I beamed. That’s how things are done. But it would seem that I need to have a stern talk with the White Hare for trying to spare a living and conscious hostage. With a full frown, I turned at the White Hare.

“I hope you haven’t spared anything else.” I warned. “Those are the rules of Wonderland, regardless of what you think right or wrong.”

The White Hare lowered his gaze.

“Weak.” I said. “Weak and foolish. It seems time that your position changes. Is that what you want?”

“No!” He cried. He paused. “It’s my fault. I was weak. Please, give me another chance.”

I scoffed. Then sighed deeply. When the position changes, it means that the one is position is eliminated. Simply said, there is only death waiting for any who betray the orders. I turned away from the Square.

“Tea will be served at seven. Sharp.”

And I left the field. I heard the soft thank you behind me and scowled. I need to be a much stricter individual or otherwise an occurrence like this would happen much more often. One, it would be a great annoyance, two, it would be against the rules repeatedly for Wonderland, and three, it would only portray that my rule is quite lame. I can never let another uprising occur, but it is also true that this is for the sake of Wonderland. I would never let Wonderland perish. While this place is under my rule and even if I lie in my death bed stricken with sickness, I will stand. This place is the very reason of why I exist, after all. This place is my life and my world. I would never abandon it. Ever. In a strange sense, you could say that I am Wonderland. For Wonderland will exist so long as I exist.

Will you join me for tea as well? In this wonderful world named Wonderland.

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