The Damaged Youth

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This is based ona piont in my life when I was bullied and 2 years after it stopped this poem came to me.

Submitted: November 26, 2010

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Submitted: November 26, 2010



Pushed passed the threshold
No more cowering for this one, time to be bold
This youth has been ostracized from his own peers.
Beaten and humiliated to the point of embarrassed tears
He comes home bruised and cut
And is laughed at by his father, so he goes to his room and locks the door shut
His life a dismissed plea
Ignored by his parents and teachers, how can this be?
No one to turn to, no one cares
Not for him, all he gets is impatient stares
So he hides inside his room
The safest place since the womb

The damaged youth is sick and tired of being the prey
The damaged youth hides away
The damaged youth plans the day
The damaged youth is going to make them pay

Going to show them all just who they messed with
Going to show them an angry shooter is no myth
What happens when you kick a dog for too long?
It bites you back and becomes the strong

No more abuse
He sets himself loose
He uses his bottled strife
Taking control of his life

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