The lie that never started

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James was a nerdy boy without any freinds apart from the school trouble maker. One night his friend murders a man and they are both arrested to save him and his friend he decides to lie but will things go as planned?

Submitted: December 06, 2010

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Submitted: December 06, 2010



The room was cold, small, creepy and silent like a dungeon in a medieval castle. The bare light bulb, which hung lifelessly from the ceiling, slowly flickered casting an eerie feeling in the room. He sat on a small metal chair that creaked every time he moved. He sat with his arms crossed resting on the table, tapping his fingers in time with the flickering. Tap. Tap. Tap. A bead of sweat the size of tic-tac travelled down the steep incline of his face before falling silently to the table top. The man sat quietly opposite the boy staring deep into his eyes almost like he was trying to read his mind. The man was well built, relatively tall; he had dark skin, a small stern face, a large scar down his left cheek and a crooked nose, which had obviously been broken many times before. He also had blonde streaks running through his short cropped hair that sat like a nest on his head. The boy on the other hand was completely the opposite he was short, bony, spaced out eyes, a small flat nose, he wore cheap rounded glasses and had mid-length blonde hair. His name was James.
James was scared. He was always scared of things but this time he had something to be scared about. He had been stuck in the room for an hour and had not spoken a single word to anyone, but then again he was too scared to talk. The officer watching James, who also had not spoken, stared at James, not blinking, moving or even breathing. James was beginning to wonder if he was alive. However; this didn’t bother James, what bothered James was how they were caught so easily by the police earlier that day. James put all that to the back of his mind as the Detective strolled back into the room like a king strolling through his palace but then this was his domain. He sat himself down next to the officer, who for the first time in an hour moved confirming he wasn’t dead, and slammed a big black folder down on to the table that had been wedged under his arm when he came in. He started flicking through the mountain of paper until he came across four photos which he then placed in front of James. At first, James was reluctant to look at them and kept his head high in the air but suddenly curiosity got the better of him. When he looked down he was shocked to find a series of images of a rotting body. James suddenly rose from his chair and scuttled to the corner of the room and started gagging heavily. The Detective, with a look of sympathy for the boy, slowly replaced the photos in to the folder. While James was gagging all that was going through his mind was why the Detective had shown him the pictures. Was it his reaction he wanted to see?
“James please come and sit down” asked the Detective in a sympathetic voice. James cautiously did as he was told. “You may know why you are here so we are going to do this simply and with no fuss at all”.
“Yes sir” whispered James with a hint of fear in his voice.
“Good. Now can you please tell us where you were on Friday the 6th of October at 10:45pm?” asked the Detective.
“W-w-with my mate M-M-Matt at his house” whimpered James.
“Are you sure?”
 The Detective searched through the folder again until he found and pulled out another sheet of paper.
“According to an eye witness you were seen walking into Kings Cross Park at 9:30pm and you didn’t leave until 11:25pm” explained the Detective with a stern look.
“Oh yeah, we went to the park for a bit” James answered sheepishly trying not to make eye contact with either of the two men.
The Detective was about to ask another question when the door thrust open.  A man in a black tailored suit stood in the door way, staring inquisitively at the three people in the room. The man suddenly brought his eyes back to the Detective who by now was out of his chair and walking towards the door. Both of the men left the room leaving James and the officer who had gone back to his zombie state. James was scared and they knew it; however, did they know why he was scared. This was all Matt’s fault! Matt was the one who had dragged James into this, James was scared did they know everything. This played on James’s mind over and over again toying with his conscience. He couldn’t decide what to do. Should he confess and drop his only friend in it? James, with a confused mind, knew that the officers had known for ages and they were just playing with him trying to get him to confess. Until this point, James didn’t know what to do but he had finally decided. He had to lie.
The Detective came back in but not as royally as the first time it was more of a hurried scurry. As he sat down he whispered something into the Officer’s ear which made him shift uncomfortably in his chair. James was already beginning to feel sick inside and he hadn’t even lied yet.
“Look James I am just going to ask you” questioned the Detective, “Did you kill Danny Proctor?”
“No” winced James nervously.
“Did you kill him?” snapped the Detective again.
“No” said James again a bit more loudly.
“Look we can try and sort something-”
“I DIDN’T KILL HIM” interrupted James in rage.
“Look James calm down” said the Detective in a hushed voice “We…we found your DNA on his body and your… mate Matt told us it was you”
“I…I…I… James was too stunned to finish his sentence, all that was running through his mind was had Matt really turned on him. He thought Matt was his friend, his only friend. What was he going to do now? His life was over.
“Look James. I don’t won’t to do this but…” said the Detective
Don’t say it was all that was going through James mind.
“I am…”
Don’t say it.
“I am... I am putting you under arrest for the murder of Danny Proctor. You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence”.

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