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its a story that i was thinking about in class and would love for everyone to give me there opionion about it.

Submitted: August 18, 2011

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Submitted: August 18, 2011




I'm walking threw these dark halls at school. People look at me, teachers, student, principles, everyone but none of them can see my fake smile. No one understands the way I feel anymore. Hello I'm Jameson Burton and I live in Mississippi, cant tell you the name of the town or school sorry but I'm gonna tell you a really good story.

One day on a cold and rainy day at school, me and my friends was getting out of are cars. As we was walking to the school, we heard a “BOOM” and then a crash, so we ran to the road and looked around and right when we looked to the left and one of the buses was flipped over on its top by the hill and everyone was surrounding it. Me and my buddies ran over to the bus, the front of the bus was on fire and the bus was caving in as we spoke. Polices, firefighters, ambulance drivers and etc was there to try and get everyone out but it was to risking. I looked at my friends and they knew what I needed to do so they looked at me and nodded there head “yes”. I ran to the bus jumping over the police tape and ran straight to the door and pulled it open. I grabbed the driver and he was unconscious and laid him outside beside the bus and called my friend Jimmy and said “get to the door of the bus and get these people as I put them out, so they did. I started slowly walking threw the bus to see everyone and saw that everyone was knocked out expect ONE!!! she was a junior at my school and she was the nicest girl we knew, she had a piece of metal over her lap. Her name is Sierra Mourne, so I started from the back, taking them to the door one by one sometimes two with little kids. Then my friends would get them moved but if they was bleeding they would rip clothes or cut them and tie it around the cuts.

My gang consist of me, Jimmy, Daren, Johnny AKA Demon, and Master J. I wasn't paying attention to who I was getting just made sure I got them all, I finally got to the middle of the bus and got a 10 yr old and was heading towards the door when a wire broke and shot everywhere so I turned my back so the boy wouldn't get any worse then he was but it shocked my back but I wouldn't stop. I called Jimmy and told him I was taking them to the emergency door so I started taking them all to the emergency door. I finally got all the kids off the bus expect for one poor Sierra. I ran to her and grabbed the metal (remember the metal was like 300-400 hundred pounds and I was like 135 maybe 140 pounds) , I grabbed that metal and with every force tried to move it but I couldn't and she started crying saying “please help me James, don't let me slip away from my family”. After hearing her say that and see them tears, I grabbed the metal and lifted with everything I wasn't giving up and it finally started moving up and as it was moving up I said “move out of there and get in the floor” and she did. She was laying on the ground crying, I grabbed her and helped her out the door and then went and threw everyone's book bags out of the door and right when I threw the last bag the top caved in on me and broke my back. I laid there thinking this was the end. I saved everyone else life but can't save my own but as I laid there I remembered that the girl of my dreams was the girl I called mine and with that in my mind, I pulled myself to the door, crawling under the wire shocks and the fire and finally got to the door and pushed it open and got over the hill and laid there and as I was laying there I heard another “BOOM” I looked up and saw the bus explode. No one knew I had made it out, I was laying on the hill by myself and no one knew so I started pulling up the hill and crossed the garden-rails and Demon saw me and ran and grabbed me and carried me to the ambulance. When I was sitting there in the hospital I was thinking “what if I cant walk anymore, what if I'm paralyzed for good” but then I realized the most important thing its that I saved 45 lives for my own. The nurse walked in and asked me if I wanted anything and I said yes I want a a wheelchair so I can check on everyone else because we was all in the same hospital and same floor. The nurse and mom put me in my wheelchair and I went room to room, checking on them, asking them if there OK, asking the nurses if they was if they wasn't able to talk. I went back to the room and laid back in the bed and right when I laid down I got a phone call its was Jimmy but I didn't wanna talk so I put it on video call and said “whats up Jimmy” and with all excitement he said “look at this man” and he showed me the gym it was my group on posters saying this is are hero's. The whole school was screaming are names and as they would scream it louder I would cry more. The next day I got out of the hospital but had to come back that night (they let me go long enough for announcement), I went to the school and no one knew I was coming not even my group only me, and the principles. The principles said we have a pep rally and no one knew what the pep rally was for but when they got in there and everyone was sit down, the main principle said “we have a special guest” and right when it got the quietest, I came in. I heard screams and hollers saying your awesome , your great, your a hero, and I miss you and more. When they handed me the mic, the whole school got quiet and I said “ I miss everyone here some more then others, I miss my teachers, I miss my friends, my best friends and my girlfriend Marie”. “The doctors have no clue when I will be back in this place but until the day that I'm back I want you all to live your same days as you would have before this accident happened”, and I handed the mic back to the principle and started rolling out of the school and slowly the school started a clap expect one girl Marie who was running to the door and when I was getting in my car I heard a scream saying “James wait up” when I looked up at the door and saw that red hair in the air I knew who it was and I stopped Marie ran down to me and grapped me and started crying saying “ I cant believe this happened to you baby” and I said “ I caused it honey it wasn't no one but me I risked my life to save everyone else but ill be OK”. As days past in the hospital I saw different faces coming in my room saying you did good and your such a hero and I looked at all of them and said the same thing “don't just give me credit, look at my gang they helped a lot also”. As time and time would pass and my leg having no improvement I thought for sure that this would mean only one thing that I was paralyzed from the waist down. I knew this was the last thing anyone wanted to be told, I went back to the school and looked at them all and said “ doctors told me today that I won't be able to walk for awhile they don't no how long and so I thought this would be the perfect time because are football team is facing the falcons tonight and no one thinks we can do it, ain't it impossible”. “Well the doctors told me it was impossible for me to walk but guess what I lied, I can walk” (I stand up and push the wheelchair away and walk a little bit) see nothing is impossible, trust me I've been threw a lot this past 6 weeks and if I can stand up and walk then we can take the falcons down.

Time past by and by and we was finally seniors and on the gym walls it still had a picture of my gang and are heroic battle to save 45 peoples lives and look where they are now. Most of them are still in school but all the other ones are in college and we helped them for-fill there goals in life.




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