High School is Crime

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High School is a place of wonders for some, but for others it's hell. Come meet the life of five teenage girls and their struggles.

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011



They were sitting at a table with stools: coversing with each other. \"So, did you guys see him?\" Asked Rhussia, giggling. [Rhussia: Philipino girl. Dark short hair: age 15] \"see who?\" Asked Janet with an annoyed tone. She didn't even look up to see Rhussia. She just continued doing her homework. [Janet: spanish. Scholar student. Straight long black hair: age 14] \"Fang. I swear, I think I'm in love.\" \"You're kidding, right? I honestly don't know what you see in him\" Janet began, putting her pencil down to look at a blushing Rhussia stare at her \"love\" at the school entrance. It was rather annoying to hear her talk about Fang, in Janet's opinion. \"Besides, you know he has a girlfriend.\" Janet stated. \"This was when Ana decided to join in the coversation. \"Yeah, yeah,\"she started, pulling Rhussiahood over her head. \"Stop that!\" \"I mean, he doesn't even notice you, Rhussie. Besides, the only one I think is perfection is, Kit.\" Ana said, crossing her fingers and looking upward. [Ana: tall scholar student. Spanish: age 14. Two long braids. Part and leader of the Kit fan club] \"Wha-a-at? You're all blind. Obviously, Fang is the hottest. Look at him. How can you not fall for those onyx eyes, blue long hair and not to mention, that damn body! Plus, he has a perfect smile.\" Rhussia tried convincing them. Ana and Janet just rolled their eyes. \"Hey guys, I got a new manga!\" Gerlin blurted out randomly. \"We don't care!\" Rhussia and Ana yelled at her in unison. Janet's eye was starting to twitch. \"Pft! Fine!\" Gerlin tried to look offended and failed miserably. \"Sigh...if only he were mine...\" Giuseppina thought aloud. \"Not you too...\" Janet murrmured. \"Anyway, the bell is about to ring. We should go.\" She got down from her stool and began walking. Only to bumped into somthing hard. Or should we say 'someone'? \"Oh, soo...rr..y\" She looked up to see none other than, Fang. \"Oooo!\" Gerlin said, putting a hand over her mouth in a mocking way. \"Shut up! I want to hear!\" Ana yelled quietly. Ana hit her in the arm. Gerlin only pouted in return.

\"Don't worry about it.\" Fang told her, giving her his smile. \"So,I guess I'll see you.\" Fang waved and walked away.Rhissia instantly turned crimson. \"Bye...\" She said too late for Fang to hear. \"Whoa, he's way out of your league.\" Gerlin said, returning to reading her manga. Rhussia only glared at her while Ana and Giuseppina hit her in the arm. \"Ooooooww! That hurt!\" Gerlin whined. \"Good\" And said, smiling. Janet began packing her things and began walking into the crowd. \"You guys coming?\" She asked not turning back. \"Oh, right!\" Ana answered, walking towards Janet, along with Gerlin who waved at her other friends. \"Hey, Janet!\" Called a guy from somewhere. He ran up to her. \"Hey, how are you?\" He asked her. \"Fine\" she answered dryly. Ana and Gerlin were only shadows. \"Uh, about the math homework--\" he began, only to be cut off by Janet. \"Page 13. 15 through 25\" she said, walking away: Ana and Gerlin following behind. 'You'll soon be mine' he thought, turning around and walking towards his friends.

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