Ignore the "BAD"

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This is what the world is and this is what you feel at some time like you want to ignore. Anyone can read this bi gay idc

Submitted: November 11, 2013

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Submitted: November 11, 2013



 Ever wonder
If what your getting into
Is just killing you
inside and out
The things you come across when u try to find out, Are things you sometimes don't need to care about.

But with a world that's turned into the true hell it's all you gotta get around to show yourself that its just fine. That everyone's normally a jerk at some time.

So get up and you'll be fine ignoring who Tell's us how to live a life, But it's not so easy for me to get around all this harassment going around it is hell and i wish i could ignore words i will sometimes find.

The words that make me want to stay and hide isn't it nice to just ignore the end result to live your life and slowly learn to forget about what's out there.

----Basically im talking about how people judge Are sexual orientations and it sucks------
you'll get what i say from there or most likely have all ready understood.

JUST live be happy


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