Such a chicken

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This is a little odd but i just was thinking.

Submitted: January 08, 2014

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Submitted: January 08, 2014



A little baby Hen cracked his egg open with his beek and there he was born, On a dark windy night he had bright blue and eyes soft dark brown feathers. He realized he wasn't abel to even get up and wonder around just yet because he had to peck away at the other peaices of egg. But The sight of the night sky stopped him from finishing up his work. He had got a strange feeling inside but he shook it off like anyone would assumeing it was the feeling of never seeing what a Sky looked like before. So he continued pecking at the egg and before he new it that first moment of his life had passed. As many more continued he began getting older and wiser he descovered something he always should have known. He was alone inside a fence, and even his mother was unknown. Maybe he was only wiser inside the fence, but could he really have been wiser if he adventured into the world? He wondered...but by this time he was just to old. So he died a fool to the world, and in the end of everything it felt nothing more then simply horrible.




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