When you have been hurt one too many times, what is it like when you are given the choice to love once more? (Warning: Short but sweet.) Please comment! (:

Hands trembling as if caught in an arctic breeze, I meet his outstretched fingers. Instant heat strikes, coursing from where our skin meets, almost warm enough to melt away the icy fear. My heart flutters inside its frozen prison, determined to break its way free; to welcome the heat of his loving touch.
Who knew innocence could be so terrifying and thrilling, yet so wonderful and beautiful? The heat of his beating heart seeps into my pores persistently, a welcomed intruder. In response, my heart pounds almost painfully inside my chest, begging for permission to answer. Cracks in the ice begin to form—damage that will be impossible to undo. Time seems to slow, every atom in the universe hanging on the edge, waiting for my choice.
My eyes, wild and giddy, find his—blue and serene as the ocean after a storm. They hold no horror nor malintentions, at least none that I can see.Maybe my fear blinds me? But now is the time to decide. Lost in those calm, peaceful eyes, I make my choice, too thrilled and too scared to take a second glance back. I take his hand in mine and squeeze as my heart shatters the melting ice, welcoming in his glowing heat. Our hearts now beat as one.

Submitted: August 17, 2012

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