Teen Dad

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Dave Inocint is a soon to be teen dad. The mother of his child is his ex girlfriend, Christy Tuls. Now, Dave must face judgement from his family, friends, school, and even strangers!
If that isn't enough, 17 year old jock Steve Trust keeps following Dave all over-trying to tell him something...a secret that must not be revealed if Christry wants to keep Dave with her.
This is PG-13 for some language, a slighlty perverted jock, and a pregnant girl.

Submitted: April 03, 2012

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Submitted: April 03, 2012



“I’m pregnant with your kid,”

Dave couldn’t believe what he was hearing as he stared at his ex girlfriend’s large belly in front of him. “Wh-what are you saying, Margaret?” The young 15 year old girl sighed as she patted her stomach gently, “You remember how we went to that party with Sarah and everyone?”

“Well, do you also remember how we were alone in that room?”

“...sort of.” Margaret looked down and shakily said, “Y-you were sort of drunk that night and, uh, we had…” Dave stiffened as he swallowed hard, trying to stay calm, “I wasn’t drunk. I was drinking diet Pepsi the whole time and I later fell asleep. You saw me, didn’t you? I wasn’t drinking anything alcoholic!”

Margaret seemed upset, “You WERE! Now, I didn’t want this to happen to me, but it’s not my fault.” The tears began to spring to her eyes, “I never wanted this to begin with.” Dave watched uncomfortably as his ex began to cry, her body shivering with every sob. “I’m…I’m so sorry, Margaret. It’s all my fault…I’m so sorry…”


(A week later…)

Dave sat quietly in his school library, reading a book he randomly got from one of the shelves. As he tried to focus on the words in front of him, he couldn’t help but feel the stares of random people around him drilling into his skull. They whispered as they patted on another’s shoulders and shook their heads in disapproval.

Dave tightened the grip on his book and before he could get up to leave, a 17 year old boy with brown spiked hair sat down next to him, blocking his way. The 16 year old boy slyly turned his head to see who it was and bit his lower lip in confusion to see that it was the ‘hot’ jock, Steven Thomas. He was rumored to have 5 different children with 5 different girls and knowing that made Dave a bit nervous. He sneakishly tried to slide away slowly, but Steve caught his eye and grinned, “Oh, hey there Dave.” Dave nervously waved and was frozen halfway off his seat. “You know…”, the jock frowned, “I think it’s rude of you to be backing away slowly from me.”

“Oh, ha ha ha…Um, sorry,” The 16 year old teen sat back in his seat normally and put his book aside, “Uh, hi Steve.”

“Hey, man! Who’s your day going?” Dave couldn’t help but wonder why this popular kid was bothering to even talk to him and being so nice. Well, the boy thought with a sigh and a shrug, At least I’m talking to someone.

“It’s going good. I was actually leaving right now till you came along.” Steve nodded slowly and grinned with a look around. He patted Dave’s shoulder and added in a low voice, “So, how’s Margaret doing?” Dave sighed even more deeply and covered his face with his hands. So that’s why he was talking to me in the first place. “I really got to go now.” Dave sat up fast, but before he could hurry away, a strong grasp latched on to his hand and stated in a demanding voice, “Please don’t go.” Dave stared at Steve’s pale hand and answered in an irritated tone, “What is it you want?” Steve awkwardly let go of Dave and sat up as well, bending close to the boy in front of him, “I saw what happened to you and Margaret at that party…Dave, you had-“

“SHUT UP!” The 16 year old teen whirled around in anger and ran off; pushing the library doors open with an irritated hand. Everyone stared after him, the whispers growing louder and more audible. Two students next to Steve began to say, “I heard he had ‘you-know-what’ with Margaret.” The jock turned to them with anger and growled under his breath, “Go fuck with someone else’s life, all right? Damn assholes.” The students stared with wide eyes at one another and walked off with shut mouths.

Steve merely rolled his eyes and looked back at the door where Dave had left. He sighed heavily and popped his collar, leaving through the same exit.


“Ooh! I think I felt a kick!” Margaret waved Dave over to her as he quickly placed his pencil down on the table and hurried over to his ex, placing a shaky hand on her belly. From beneath his palm, he could feel his baby moving restlessly and kicking with energy. “Wow,” was all he could say.

Margaret smiled gently as she noticed Dave start to stare at her stomach; a fatherly-like grin growing on his face. She placed a hand on his, saying in a low voice, “We’re going to make it through together. Don’t worry.” Dave tried to smile, but managed to only frown with a sad look at her. Margaret knitted her thin eyebrows and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you ok?”

“The truth is: No.” Dave sat up, walking over to the table where he was working on geometry and sat down on his seat with a shake of his head, “I-I can’t easily forget the looks people give me in the hallways. Everyone will be whispering behind my back and calling me a ‘desperate boy’.” The teen ran his fingers through his brown hair nervously, “And let’s not forget my parents…they were furious when they found out. They said that I was no longer a young boy, but a man now that I’m going to have a kid.” Margaret laughed and clapped her hands together, “Don’t worry about it. My parents did the same thing; why do you think I’m in this apartment in the first place? Dad said it would suit to be a ‘punishment’ for me,” The young girl giggled and swiped her brown bangs aside, “But at least I’m away from school and my parents.”

“Yeah? Well lucky you,” Dave mumbled as he picked up his backpack and put his geometry book inside, “I have to face both things-and not only that, but stares from random people I don’t even talk to at school.”

“Aw, I’m sorry to hear that.” Margaret watched warily as the father of her child began to walk towards the door, “You’re leaving all ready?”

“Um, yeah. I have to go home and finish work then I’ll come back…tomorrow. OK?” Margaret tried to get up, but he walked over to her instead and kissed her forehead with a knot in his throat.

“What’s wrong?” the girl asked as Dave hovered over her, staring with pain into her blue eyes. “Um…” he could feel the tears rise to his own and he tried to grin, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry…”

“Hmm? For what?”

“Ah, nothing. I’ll see you after school tomorrow then.”

“Sure. I’ll be waiting.” Margaret suddenly let out a small cry of excitement, “Oh! And don’t forget to think of boy names for our baby.”

“I’ll bring a whole list, all right?” Dave smiled and he shut the door tight, jogging down stairs to where his silver car was parked next to a red one. He threw his backpack on the back seat and shut the door tight, climbing into the driver’s seat with a frown growing on his face.

As he sat there quietly with the key in his hand, all he could do was stare at the steering wheel with a trembling jaw. As he tried to start the car, his mouth opened and let out a loud sob, frightening himself a bit at how mournful it was.

Dave slammed the steering wheel with his fist, the tears blurring his sight and causing him to gasp for air, “I can’t do this. I CAN’T DO THIS.”


Steven Thomas played with his guy friend’s brown hair as he told a story with a dirty grin at his 3 friends around him, “Then, once she’s done running her fingers through my hair, she sloooowly takes off her jacket.” The boys whistled as Steve did so, unbuttoning the first three buttons of his shirt with a huge grin, “AND her shirt-” Steve suddenly stopped halfway as he noticed a familiar figure in blue walking face down across a field in front of him and his friends. “I’ll be right back everyone.” And he sat up, buttoning his shirt while he listened to his friends whines, “Aw, come on man!” the boy with brown hair complained, “We’re not finished hearing the story, yet”

“Well here’s a spoiler: I told her she was my everything, used her, and then kicked her out.”

“Ha ha! There’s no way I imagine you using someone, Steve. You’re too nice.” Steve winked at his friends in response and then ran over to the figure he saw walking far off, “Hey, Dave!” The teen turned, surprise and annoyance written all over his face, “What now?”

“You didn’t let me finish what I was going to say yesterday.”

“I already know what you were going to say.”

“You do?”

Everybody already knows-the whole school already knows! So, quit wanting to make me feel bad even more and just leave me alone.” Dave angrily stormed off, but Steve grabbed his arm and turned him a bit too roughly, “Hold on! You don’t even know what I want to say, yet.”

“Listen, buddy,” Dave jabbed his finger on Steve’s muscular chest, “You leave me the heck alone, all right? If you want to ruin my life even more by spreading rumors about me, go ahead.” He threw his hands wildly in the air, “I’m already a freaking ‘soon-to-be’ father so what else can happen to me?!”

Steve watched quietly as Dave walked away, muttering to himself with annoyance. “Hey, Dave!”


“I just want you to know that I know what you’re going through. You, unfortunately, don’t.”

Dave froze and turned back to see Steve walking back to his friends and totally ignoring him. “St-Steven?”


“Steven! What do you meant by that?!”

The jock merely walked back to the table where his buddies greeted him and sat amongst them, playing with the brown haired boys’ hair again, “Now where were we?”


Dave stared at his cold food, poking it with a disgusted look on his face as he glued his eyes at everyone that passed by him. Just like he expected, they stared and he shrugged, trying to find the way to get used to them.

He was eating alone, his ‘friends’ somewhere off probably talking bad about him. He remembered the last thing his best bud told him before he called their friendship off: ‘Wow. I thought you were the serious type.’

Dave scratched his forehead angrily, pushing his plate away and taking his cell phone out of his pocket. Looking around, he realized there were not teachers, so he tapped a few numbers on his key pad and typed in a message for the mother of his child: ‘Hey, Marg! Wat R u doin rite now?’

Before he could snap his phone shut, Dave realized he received a new message from his ex not so long ago. Opening it, he realized that it was a picture of her wearing a light pink ‘Forever 21’ shirt and some jeans. She was grinning at the camera while gently placing a hand on her belly.

Dave couldn’t help but sniff a bit as he realized how happy she was to be with her child; a glimmer of love and care reflecting in her eye. Before he could send a message back, a sudden hand grabbed his cell and tore it from his gasp, waving it in the air with high yells. “HEY, EVERYONE!” they yelled, turning to Dave who realized it was yet another jock who was in the football team as well as Steve. “COME CHECK OUT DAVE’S PREGNANT GIRLFRIEND!” The lunch room became hectic as the jock with blonde hair jumped from one table to another; Dave trying to grab him but to no avail.

Finally, the jerky jock jumped off the table and licked his lips as Dave stared at him with an angry look in his eye. “Awwww, the little daddy-waddy is mad?” he laughed, “So, Dave. How many girls did you do it with, little nasty boy, hmm?”

“Shut up…”

“Oh, let me rephrase: How many kids do you already have?” Suddenly, people around began to whisper once again, their sharp voices breaking into Dave’s ears.“He didn’t look like that type of person.” “I thought he was the decent type.” “Imagine if he has yet another kid…what a lowlife.”

“Geez, shut the fuck up everyone.” The whole room got silent as a tall, handsome jock with spiked brown hair walked into the crowd, turning to his comrade out in the football field with a shake of his head, “Christopher. I think you should give that back.” Dave stared at Steve with a surprised look, adding in a low voice, “Why are you stalking me everywhere?”

“I’m not,” The boy replied in an even lower voice, walking straight to Christopher with a pout, “Seriously, I’m not joking. Give it back.”

“N-no…It’s mine now.”

“Oh, really?” Steve shrugged, turning halfway then suddenly throwing a solid punch across Christopher’s face, “Yeah, jack-ass. Now you know how fucking serious I am!” The bleeding blonde boy wiped his mouth and stumbled back in shock as everyone began to chant: “FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!”

With a growl, he threw himself at Steve and the both of them began to kick and punch one another hard. Dave didn’t know what to do, so he grabbed his cell that Chris had dropped and yelled at Steve, “YOU GUYS HAVE TO STOP! THE TEACHERS ARE COMING!!” And they were, blowing the whistles with horrified looks on their faces at the violence before them. Steve, before he could get caught, pulled himself from Chris’s grasp and grabbed Dave’s shirt, dragging him outside quickly as the students around them scattered.

“What the hell are you doing, Steven?! That was really stupid right there.”

“Really? I kind of enjoyed it.” The jock wiped his cut brow and bleeding nose, turning to Dave once again, “Ok. Now I’m going to tell you what I’ve wanted to tell you since yesterday. But…the thing is you won’t believe me.”

“Great. You have a chance to tell me now and you don’t. I think your messing with me.”

“I’m not…”Steve suddenly snapped his fingers together, “Um, you’re ex lives in an apartment close to here, right?”


“Good. Listen, what I’m going to do is go over to her place and you’re going to hide behind a sofa or something while I talk to her.” Dave was greatly confused, “What? Why do you want to talk to her?”

“Just because. But you don’t tell her ANYTHING. OK?”

“WAIT! I don’t get it! When do I do this ‘hiding’ stuff and why?” Steve rolled his eyes, “Can’t you just take orders? Oh, yeah, and the sooner the better.”

“Um…then tomorrow?”

“Sure. You can sneak through an open window or something and I’ll enter Margaret’s house a few minutes after.” Dave nodded, glancing at a teacher as they caught sight of them. “S-so, tomorrow?”

“Yeah.” Steve smiled as a teacher in red came into view and ordered the both of them to follow her. “Don’t worry, Dave,” he reassured him in a quiet voice, “ You’re going to feel a whole lot better once we’re through with Margaret.”

Dave was confused and didn’t know what was going on. He glanced at the phone in his hand, staring at the picture of his ex smiling big at the camera.

Margaret…are you hiding something from me?


Dave walked out of his house with a feeling of dread growing in his stomach. He didn’t know what was going to happen to him that day or what was going to take place, yet he knew it was going to be BIG.

In his pocket, his phone vibrated and he grabbed it, answering in a worried tone, “H-hello?”

Hey, man. It’s Steven.”

“ Oh. Hi.” Dave awkwardly bit his lip and nervously asked, “Where are you right now?”

I’m right outside the apartments where Margaret lives. And you?”

“Um, I kind of still need to drive other there.” Steve let out a groan of anger, “Well, hurry up! This baby might come out a week earlier than expected and the secret won’t be revealed!

“Ok, ok! I’m going all ready.” Dave hung up fast and beeped his car open, climbing into the drivers’ seat with a shake of his head. This ‘secret’ better be worth my time or I’m going to punch that jock hard across the face.


Dave watched from afar as Steve knocked on Margaret’s apartment door; opening it with a look of surprise and a faint ‘hello’. Once the door was shut tight, the 16 year old teen hurried out from behind the bushes he was hiding at and crawled on his knees to get in back of the building where all the windows were.

Feeling like a criminal, he noticed one of the windows of his ex’s place opened slightly and crawled in with quick looks around.

He slithered on the floor, poking himself with a stray needle on the floor that Margaret must have accidentally dropped. “Ow!” Dave grumbled, rubbing his palm and trying to not be seen.

Voices were coming from the living room where the entrance was, so the teen peeked a bit and noticed Steve staring right at him, then focusing back his attention to the pregnant girl.

“What are you looking at?” Margaret asked warily and turned a bit, but Steve quickly patted her shoulder, “So, how’s the baby?”

“Oh, he’s doing fine. Getting a little restless, but I guess it’s normal.” The young girl smiled to herself and blushed a bit; her cheeks the color of cherries, “Dave is going to be a great father. I can’t wait for him to come around after school.”

“Ha ha!,” Steve laughed like a dork, trying to be loud so Dave could hear from the other room, “SO HE IS NOW ISN’T HE. WHAT A SHAME, THOUGH.”

“You don’t have to speak so loud! It’s not like I’m deaf.”

“Sorry. I’m just trying to..um…so, a ‘great father’, you said?”

Margaret frowned a bit suspiciously, looking at Steve straight in the eye, “Why are you acting so weird today? Steve grinned shyly, leaning back on his seat with a defiant look in his eye, “Nothing much. I was just thinking how sexy it felt to get in a fight with Christopher.”

What?!” The young girl began to stutter, “Y-You sicko! So that’s why you have an injured face, jerky jock!”

“Hey, I did it for a good reason. And besides, why care for a guy who has no feelings for you?”

At this, Dave froze and a chill ran down his spine. No...I-it can’t be…

Margaret turned beet red and looked down at the floor with an angry look in her blue eyes, “You know why,” she mumbled and Steve smiled huge, “I’m sorry. What was that?”

“I said ‘you know why’.”

“But the thing is, I don’t.”

“St-stupid Steve! I-i-it’s because…I’m pregnant with his kid and not Dave’s.”

The boy in the other room nearly fainted, his heart beginning to beat rapidly with shock and disbelief. The jock nodded with fake confusion and asked, “How did you manage to fool Dave into thinking he was the father?”

“It was easy, I’ll tell you that. See, I lied to him and made him believe that he was drunk when he actually wasn’t. And we were in a room alone when he fell asleep, probably bored of our conversation; so that also helped me in my lie as well.”

“Ooooooh, so that same night the person you actually went with was Christopher?”

“Yeah…he was really nice to me and all. He said that he liked me and the same day we met, we-“

“Ok,” Steve broke in, pleased with his questioning and finally revealing the truth to Dave who was probably having a heart attack, “But, Christopher didn’t want to have the baby so that’s why he left you and you went hunting for Dave- the ‘nice’ guy.” he laughed, “That’s real cold of you.” Margaret let out a whine and wiped the tears growing in her eyes, “It wasn’t my fault! Chris said he loved me and that we’d be together forever. He said that and then suddenly threw me away! I didn’t deserve this!!”

“Sorry to break it to you, but a guy who wants to have ‘you-know-what’ with a girl usually does so only to please himself. He’ll lie and try to make you feel comfortable, but in the end, it’s all fake.” Margaret sat up from her seat shakily and stared straight at Steve with a threatening air, “Don’t you dare tell Dave about this.”

“Huh? Oh, I don’t have to. He already knows.” Margaret froze with terror as she saw Dave walk out from her room, a wide-eyed shocked look to his face. “D-Dave?” There was a long silence and he shook his head, the anger inside of him rising, “You lied to me.” his voice was low and when his ex tried to protest and hold his hand, he stepped back with a disgusted look to his face, “I’m leaving right now.”

Without another word, Dave rushed for the door, only to find himself blocked by a tear-stained girl. “Please don’t leave me, Dave!!” She sobbed, her soft hair sticking to her wet face, “I DON’T WANT TO BE ALONE!! PLEASE!!”

The words struck Dave’s heart, but he ignored the bleeding inside of him and pushed past Margaret. Steve following quietly after him.

“DAVE??!!!DA-!!” The door was shut tight and silence surrounded the two boys, one of them breathing heavily as tears rushed to his eyes, “I’m not the father…”

“No, you’re not.”

“…What’s going to happen with her?”

“Don’t worry about it. I called the hospital to come and pick her up, making up a story that she was having a bleeding problem of some sort. They’ll take care of her and make sure the baby is delivered safely.” Dave nodded, wiping his nose as him and Steve walked away from the apartments.

“What now?”

“What do you mean ‘what now’? We’ll clean up your name and everything will be back to normal.”

Dave tried to smile, and managed a small one, “How ‘bout lets clean up your name as well.” Steve seemed surprise, “What? But, I really did have 5 kids with 5 different girls.”

“No matter how hard you try to hide it, you don’t seem like the guy who uses girls for pleasure…I mean,” Dave muttered the rest, “even though you’re a bit perverted, I’m sure there’s some good in you.”

“What was that, smart-alecky?”

“Aaaaaah, nothing?”

Steve grinned and suddenly put his arm around Dave’s shoulders, “You’re a good kid. No matter what your friends say about you still being a virgin when you’re 30, wait for it till you’re married, ok?”

“Don’t worry about it, I will.” The both of them were quiet as they walked down the cement side walk, watching as cars passed by them slowly.

“Hey, Steve?”


“Do you…do you think Margaret will forgive me?”

“What? You didn’t do anything wrong, she needs to ask you for forgiveness.”

“Yeah, but…I kind of-oh, I don’t know. I just hope she stays strong for the rest of her life and doesn’t commit the same mistake again.”

Steve smiled, yawning with a smirk, “You know what? Knowing your ex, she probably will. Just wait, one day she’ll be bright and cheery again.”

“ I hope so.” Dave was quiet once again and he kicked a few stones with his converse, “You know what?” Steve turned to Dave and watched as the smile begin to grow on his companions face, “What?”

“Oh, I was just thinking how I can beat you in running over to the corner over there.” Steve scoffed at Dave with a defiant look in his eye, “Oh, please. Like you can beat a football playe-HEY!” Dave began to run off with heavy laughter and Steve shot after him, waving his middle finger in the air, “Fuck you! You cheated!!”

All Dave could do was laugh, the tension slowly leaving his muscles and making himfeel somewhat calm , “I’m sorry!” he chuckled, “But this is the first time I’ve felt good in a long while now.”

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