The End is Near ::Beck::

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Agory...a flesh-eating creature that has taken over a large portion of the world...
Beck...a captain who has one and only one chance to kill Agory and her embryos.
In this gruesome battle, sacrifices must be made to complete the job.
This story contains description of violence, blood, and gore.
May contain offensive and foul language.
(p.S: this is only the first part!!! i'll type the second part up later)

Submitted: May 01, 2012

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Submitted: May 01, 2012



"Kharkiv is dead."

Beck looked up at a figure dressed in black metal-wear, watching him from behind his helmet which reflected the individual that stood quietly with a gun over their chest. "What?"

"He's dead...your brother is dead, Beck." There was a moment of silence, then a weak laugh of disbelief, "He said he'll be back." Beck sat up , his breathing getting heavy from behind his helmet, "Elone, as your captain I order you to tell me the truth,"The dark figure warily shifted on the metal ground they stood on, "Sir, if you don't believe me, I suggest you take a look outside."Beck hurried past Elone, walking out of a slide-door and stepping very slowly towards a metal table amidst a group of doctors.They whispered very quietly to one another, then stepped back a bit as a figure in silver walked past them, his heavy footsteps echoing he now silent room.

"Captain," A brave voice managed to speak, "These are the only remains we found of Kharkiv."

Beck was quiet as he examined the blood-splattered helmet and a battered gun beside it. Minutes passed by and not one individual knew what their captain was thinking of or if he was even crying, for his face was well hidden. "Beck," Elone managed to speak as the silence tore at his ears, "Kharkiv was attacked by Agory's embryo's...It's getting stronger day by day and has already occupied a large majority of the Northern cities it's destroyed. Your brother tried to kill that thing, but he didn't;t make it."

Beck laid his gloved hand on the edge of the table, tapping his shaky finger on the metal," Your right.Ever since that monster occupied earth, it's done nothing but kill and feast on flesh." He turned to Elone and nodded, "Recruit a group of 14 fighters and grab 3 helicopters so we can head over to where that bitch is and try to push it out. Bring as many ammunitions as we can carry ."

"Yes, sir," Elone walked out of the room, leaving his captain and the doctors to themselves.

"Sir?" One man in a white jacket stepped forward with a half worried look, "What would you like us to do with Kharkiv's belongings?" Beck was quiet, then looked down and tightened his fist, "Take them to my office and place them on my desk. If I come back, I'll know what to do with them."

" 'If', sir?" The strong man pulled out a gun strapped to his thigh and loaded it, walking out of the room without another word.

4 hours later...

"Elone, take 7 men with you while I take the other 7. We split up and I expect you to raid me in if you see anything." A dark figure nodded, loading his big gun and waving the men he was responsible for to follow him. Beck did the same, watching as the helicopter that had dropped them off turned into a small speck in the sky." All right, boys," he took out his gun, "Let's move."

Figures with black gas masks hurried after their captain, weapons at hand and looking around cautiously."Beck?" one of them asked as he grasped on tightly to a knife, "I hope you don't expect us to kill this creature, right?" The man in silver didn't respond, but examined the crumbling buildings over them and destroyed streets. "I expect us to do the best we can, Clone. Even if we die trying." The individual called'Clone' sighed warily and kicked a loose rock,"Shhh," Beck spoke harshly, "Quiet down." As he resumed walking slowly,a low rustle nearby caused Clone to jump a bit and start to tremble nervously, "Captain?"

"I thought I told you to stay quiet."

"B-Beck, I think some-."

"Shut up!"Immediately, a loud screech filed the air and a spider-like creature the size of a grown man's upper body hurled itself from a nearby bush right at one of the men, biting with sharp fangs into his chest and tearing viciously; blood and pieces of flesh spilling all over the floor.

Beck cussed, shooting his gun twice at the creature and kicking it aside; stabbing it into it's hairy belly. The remaining 6 of his men began to reload their guns quickly and stare behind their gas masks at the fallen comrade at their feet.

He was dead and Beck bent down to examine the messy wound on his chest. A strange, green ooze sunk into the fresh, red meat and into bone as well, causing it to start to sizzle like it was on fire.

"Acid." the captain mumbled and tapped his wrist, a red light appearing, "Elone. Elone? Are you there?"

"C-vssssshhhh C-Captain?! I-vssssshhhhhh I can't hear you!"

“I just wanted you to be on guard. We’ve just been atta-.”

“We’re under attack captain! I repeat, we are under-VSSSSHHHH!!!”The signal got lost and Beck tapped his wrist again, “Elone? ….Fuck.” He got up fast and

hurried off, his men following after him quickly. “Clone, you’re second in command here. If anything happens to me, you’re taking over.”“B-But, sir! I’m not put up for this sort of thing.”

“That’s an order, not a suggestion.” Clone shakily agreed and held his small knife close to him as they ran under a leaning bridge, hunching down low to prepare to attack.

From a distance, bullets and loud cries were heard, then they got even louder as Beck and his men ran into an alley and automatically began to shoot at the spider-like creatures that had attacked them before.They were everywhere in great numbers, with blood and chunks of guts dripping from their jaws and lunging at men mercilessly. Beck had caught eye of Elone, who was killing the creatures with quick, skillful reflexes. Not only was it his great fighting skills that had made him Beck’s right hand man, but there was also a close friendship between the two that one didn’t notice until they were able to spend a whole day with them-when they weren’t so caught up with missions, that is.

Though it was hard to see, Beck was a goofy man when he wasn’t busy with serious business and Elone was an idiot as well. The two had been good friends since they were children and, together with Kharkiv, the three were unstoppable. But now, they had just lost a part of themselves when their long time partner was killed. The news was heartbreaking….

“Captain! WATCH OUT!” A figure wearing dark colors threw himself at Beck, shooting at a hairy creature that fell on the floor dead. Beck slammed the back of his head on the cement ground hard and, had it not been for his helmet, he could’ve died. “Elone, we have to draw back. There is too many of Agory’s embryos here.”

“Yes, sir!” Elone yelled in response and got up, shooting some more as he waved his remaining men over. Beck did the same and ran out with a trail of fighters and spiders chasing after them.

Clone, who had gotten a stray bullet stuck in his leg, tried hard to catch up with his comrades, fearfully finding himself lagging behind. As he tripped and fell, prey to the bloodthirsty creatures, a sudden strong grasp picked him up and threw him over their shoulder.

“Beck! Just leave me here!”

“I’m not leaving anyone behind, got that?” Clone began to tremble, then cry for he was not used to the fighting and blood made him nauseous, “I’m not use to this, sir. I just want to go home!”

“You’re 24 all ready. I suggest you start acting like a man.”


After throwing the only 2 grenades they had at the beasts, Beck broke into a factory, trying to force one of his men to stop standing in the entrance and follow them.

“No, captain. I’ll distract these things while you go on ahead!”

“….So be it….” And so they ran further into the factory without their comrade, the sound of bullets firing followed by horrifying cries if pain, then silence.

Inside the factory, everything was destroyed except for the glass which was still intact. Beck led his four remaining recruits into an empty large room and placed an injured Clone on the floor, laying him against a broken box so he could rest, “How’s the wound?”

“Ugh, it’s really bad-ow!” Blood dripped from the 24 year olds’ armored leg and Beck waved Elone-who was hovering over them-to help him with the injury, “I think your cousins got a bullet stuck in his thigh. Take it out while one of these men and I inspect the area.” The captain got up, loading his gun and calling one of the gas-masked individuals over as they both headed out of the room. Once they shut the door tight behind them, the two men walked quietly without a word down an unlit hallway-their helmets having a special device that enabled them to see in the dark.

“Captain?” a shaky, but stern voice echoed off the scratched walls, “What exactly are we doing here?” Beck was quiet, glancing at everything he saw with a hidden frown, “We’re going to kill Agory. It’s been years since we’ve been waiting for this moment and I think it’s time we take action.”

“But, that creature’s so strong and it’s children are even more vicious than before…sir, we’ve just lost 9 men…”

“I know” Beck quickly put in, not wanting to be reminded of the lives he felt he was guilty of not protecting well enough, “I should’ve protected them…I should’ve protected them…” the words rang in his head as he thought of his last moments with Kharkiv. His brother was getting into a helicopter, waving good-bye to Beck as if though he knew him and the men he was taking weren’t going to survive Agory’s power.

‘When you come back safe, tell me how you killed that thing, all right?’ The captain had stated and Kharkiv merely shrugged, loading his large gun ‘ If I come back, Beck. ‘If’…’

“Captain, are you ok?” A gloved hand was waved over the man’s unending gaze at the wall, “…I was just remembering something. Sorry about that, let’s continue.” And so they resumed walking for a long time, ready to call the area safe until they stumbled over a large hole on the ground. “What the heck is that?” Beck shrugged, examining the dark hole with an outstretched hand and running it around theedge slowly, "Theedges are jagged. Whoever did this was in a hurry." He placed the gun he was holding back on his thigh and stepped into the steephole, "You keep an eye out and if something happens,either you jump in or run away back to where Elone is." The masked individual shakily agreed and watched with a tense look as his captain disappeared into the darkness, "Don't take too long, sir."

"I'll try not to. Butif Ido, then something interesting is down here.".


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